Best Machine Gun Kelly Albums

The Top Ten Best Machine Gun Kelly Albums

1 Lace Up
2 Black Flag

All songs are great!

Mind of a stoner ft. wiz is the best song on this album - kells

3 General Admission

Great lyrical improvement and story telling

4 Bloom

This album is really good. Everyone raves about "Bad Things" and "At My Best," but I can't stand either of those songs. There are much better songs on here such as "Wake + Bake," "Trap Paris," "Rehab," and "The Gunner." Also, "Let You Go" is amazing. - maarilynmaanson

It Is his latest album released in 2017
If you haven't heard it yet,go listen to it.It is not bad although some of the tracks are quite lazy
It is not as good Lace Up but if you like Bad Things,then you will like this album
I consider it the third best track on the album after The Gunner and At My Best which also features on the album

5 Est 4 Life
6 Half Naked & Almost Famous
7 F*** It
8 Homecoming
9 Rage Pack
10 100 Words and Running

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13 Binge
14 Hotel Diablo
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