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1 The Blackening

Best metal album of 2007 along with down III over the under. - horrorfan89

Every instrument is perfectly played, Robb Flynn's singing is godlike and the lyrics are amazing.

Yeah this album for sure

For me:
1.The Blackening
2.Through the Ashes of Empire
3.Bloodstone & Diamonds
4.Unto the Locust
5.Burn My Eyes
6.The More Things Change
7.The Burning Red

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2 Unto the Locust

I like this album the most actually. I Mean got many awesome tracks like Locust, I'm Hell, Be Still Know, Who We Are, Darkness Within and This Is The End.. The Blackening gets the 2nd spot in my own opinion... - nooreldeen

I stuck with Machine Head for a long time but they were never one of my favourite bands. This is the album I was waiting for all that time, my favourite metal album of the last few years.



3 Burn My Eyes

Their best album, although second album runs it close.

Best Album. Special Songs are:
None But my Own
The Rage to Overcome
A Nation On Fire
Blood For Blood
I'm your God Now

Way better than Unto the Locust. The best songs are better than The Blackening's best songs but The Blackening has more amazing songs. To me,

1. The Blackening
2. Burn My Eyes
3. Through the Ashes of Empires
4. Bloodstone and Diamonds
5. The More Things Change
6. Unto the Locust
7. The Burning Red
8. Supercharger

4 Bloodstone & Diamonds

7? Is the best album of this year

1- Bloodstone & Diamond
2- The Blackening
3- Unto the Locust
4- Through the Ashes Empire
5- Burn My Eyes
6- The Burning Res
7- The More Things Change
8- Supercharger

Best machine head album
8 the burning red
7 supercharger
6 the more things change
5 through the ashes of the empire
4 burn my eyes
3 unto the locust
2 the blackening
1 bloodstones and diamonds

1- The Blackening
2- Bloodstone & Diamonds
3- Unto The Locust
4- Burn My Eyes
5- Though The Ashes Empire
6- The More Things Change
7- Supercharger
8- The Burning Red

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5 Through the Ashes of Empires

My favorites are The Blackening and Unto the Locust but I feel like this one is very underrated

Best album! Descend The Shades Of Night and In The Presence Of My Enemies are stremely underrated!

6 The More Things Change...

Extremely underrated, better than Burn My Eyes and Through The Ashes Of Empires.

7 The Burning Red

Their 2nd best album for sure!

Severely underrated. - cjWriter1997

1 - Blackening
2 - Unto the Locust
3 - Burning Red
4 - Burn My Eyes
6 - B&D
7 - More Things
8 - Supercharger

1 bloodstone
2 blackening
3 locust
4 burning red
5 burn my eyes
6 ashes empire
7 supercharger
8 more things

8 Supercharger

At least better than The Burning Red. I was slightly closer to Machine Head's groove metal roots at least. They both sucked, but at least Supercharger was less terrible.

9 Catharsis

This album wasn't very good - christangrant

It is full of great moments. Songs that recall al the phases of Machine Head! It must be up in the top five albums.

Great Album!

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