Top Ten Machines That Should Be Invented

All of these machines! Which would you go for? I would go for the T--e -a--i-e.

The Top Ten

1 A Time Machine

Time Machine
No 9/11
War is Over
Get a camera go to the middle east in whatever decade Jesus was supposed to be alive in and if he is there take photos. Same for global flood just for that Ken Ham.
Go to Britain in the 80s and find Mini Pops the original Kidz Bop.
Think music after the 80s has no meaning then eliminate all singers who sing about songs that have no meaning.

That would be cool. If it was invented, we could prevent 9/11 and World War II and prevent horrible musicians from getting their fame. - JoeBoi

I would go back to 1994 and see what I did as a 2 year old!

It be cool to go back in time to see your self as a kid or if you could go back to an age or stay your age and see your self as younger when your current age, and see your parents when they were kids and see your great grandparents and go to the dinosoars time and bible times

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2 A Come Back to Life Machine

If I had this I would want to bring many people back to life - Ajkloth

We all wish this would happen

This would be amazing!

We could bring Kurt Cobain back to life!

3 A Transporter Machine

From here, to the kitchen.

4 A Shrink Ray Machine

I would be exploring my house as tiny as heck.

5 A Flying Machine

Woo-hoo! I'm flying in the air! I wish that was real!

The flying machine an the food machine are simply awesome, TTJackson! Wish I could have both! - HezarioSeth

6 A Robot Machine

Robot, can you do the dishwasher for me please?

7 A Cleaner Machine

The house would smell perfect!

8 A Helper Machine

I would help me with my homeschool work.

9 A Food Machine

Automatic food in 5 seconds!

10 A Multiverse Machine

Like in road to the Multiverse in Family Guy

The Contenders

11 A Map Machine

It could tell you directions, would THAT be neat?!

12 A Machine to Find the Remote

This would be the best thing since sliced bread.

13 A Skin Changing Machine
14 Fixer Machine
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