Top Ten Macklemore Songs With the Best Beat

I'll admit, I don't really know what classifies as a good beat, I'm just going with whatever sounds the best to me, without delving much into the technical parts of it.

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1 Vipassana

The jazzy, saxophone combined with the sharp instrumentals are the end... Can't get enough of it! - keycha1n

Can't agree more. The insturments are great and sound so jazzy but sharps at the end. - ToptenPizza

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2 Can't Hold Us

This beat is another weird one, but its extremely infectious and catchy as heck. That's irrefutable. - keycha1n

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3 B-Boy

Any hip-hop fan will immediately be confused when they hear this beat. The flute is an extremely unique choice that sounds absolutely awesome. - keycha1n

4 Life Is Cinema

The dubstep-like beat has a very clear buildup and fall, and is just so dang catchy! It's the kind that's intense and gets into your bones and gives you chills when you hear it. Perfect for this song. - keycha1n

5 Victory Lap

A happy, catchy beat. - keycha1n

6 Jimmy Iovine

The synthy, loud beat really defines the song and gives it the suspenseful and powerful vibe. Its fast, crazy, and intense! - keycha1n

7 Thrift Shop

There's a reason this song got so popular: The beat NEVER gets out of your head. Sure, it's the kind of beat that gives me a nosebleed if its too loud, but it was masterfully made. - keycha1n

8 Otherside

Okay okay, this beat's credits go to Red Hot Chili Peppers, for it's guitar riff from their song of the same name, but whatever Ryan put over it... Made it work for the rap. - keycha1n

9 My Oh My

The tambourines and subtle beat works very well for this song and the nostalgic value it has. - keycha1n

10 Fake ID

Not my cup of tea, but the beat makes it sound so dang catchy... - keycha1n

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11 Castle
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