Top 10 Mad Men Characters

The Top Ten

1 Donald Draper

He's obviously the dramatic "center" of the series but he is also what the show is essentially about - - the complexities of "identity," particularly in the latter half of the "American Century,"; who and how we show ourselves to others and the world (ie. like advertising, the show's "subject"). Don, with his duplicitous back story, epitomizes those themes and the people around him enforce and reflect those themes each in a distinctly different way (most notably Peggy). But Jon Hamm's authenticity, the way he holds us to the screen make Don not simply a "symbol" but a complicated, multi-layered human being. - DonDraper

2 Peggy Olson
3 Joan Holloway/Harris
4 Roger Sterling
5 Pete Campbell
6 Betty Francis
7 Megan Draper
8 Harry Crane
9 Ken Cosgrove
10 Paul Kinsey

The Contenders

11 Sally Draper

Best teenage character on any T.V. show ever. She's an absolute badass bitch. Kiernan Shipka's acting was out of this world

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