Top Ten Made Up Clans that Could Also Represent StarClan

The Top Ten

1 SpiritClan
2 WishClan
3 MoonClan
4 BrightClan
5 CloudClan
6 SunClan

Cupcakes are fun to have kids with and I JOINED FATCLAN and my name is ObeseFur

7 WispClan
8 NightClan
9 BreezeClan
10 MistClan

The Contenders

11 JayfeatherforeverClan

Yes. Yes. YESS

12 Hopeclan
13 LifeClan
14 GleamingClan
15 Sightclan

As in,sees the future and living cats

16 DreamClan

Cats communicate with StarClan through dreams, so why can’t StarClan be DreamClan?

17 MothClan

What if Moth Flight made up StarClan? If she did, MothClan would be a better name for it.

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