Top Ten Made Up Guns That Can Turn Things Into Something Else


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1 Bacon Gun

Scientists have managed to grow meat in the lab. It's the most recent step towards this awesome thing. Saves pig's lives at the cost of your enemy's. - PositronWildhawk

The Bacon Gun can turn things into Bacon. Which I like since I like bacon. Although, Pigs would disapprove of this gun...Let's just shoot them with the Bacon Gun! - nintendofan126

2 Ice Cream Gun

As you already know, it can turn things into ice cream. But here's the cool part, there's a setting on the gun that allows you pick which ice cream flavor you would like. But be careful, you might get a brain freeze. - nintendofan126

3 Soda Gun

The Soda Gun only works on liquids. And just like the Ice Cream Gun, there's a setting that let's you house which soda you would like to have. Just be careful which Liquid you use it on... - nintendofan126

4 Music Gun

The Music Gun makes any Object you blast turn into a stereo. And you can even pick which music genre you want. - nintendofan126

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5 Minecraft Gun

This gun can make things in real life, look like things in Minecraft. Heck, you can even use it on people. - nintendofan126

6 Pokemon Gun

The Pokemon Gun can turn animals into Pokemon. Also I was running outta ideas. - nintendofan126

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7 Chocolate Gun

If you love chocolate, wait until you see this can turn things into any kind of chocolate. Milk chocolate, Chocolate fudge, Chocolate with nuts, etc. - nintendofan126

8 Pizza Gun

Sure pizza is overrated, but why not have this gun? You would be able to turn things into any kind of Pizza you want. - nintendofan126

9 Video Game Gun
10 Candy Gun

With this Gun, you can turn anything into Candy, and even make your own Candy 'Land! But you won't like you're next visit to the dentist... - nintendofan126

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11 Republican Gun

Alright, who added this? - nintendofan126

Who added this

12 Kaiju Gun
13 Gas Gun
14 Bald Gun
15 Gun Gun

With this, you can turn people into guns - Martinglez

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