Top Ten Made-Up Parlour Games to Play Indoors

The Top Ten

1 Balloon Badminton

1. Balloon (blown up with carbon monoxide)
2. Fairly large room
3. Minimum of two people
4. One touch each
5. Cannot hit downwards - Gazbebe

2 Indoor Boules

1. Bean balls x 8
2. One jack (ping pong ball)
3. One large hallway/or even stairwell
The rest is easy, you know how... - Gazbebe

3 Keep the Wicket

1. Bouncy ball
2. A wall
3. A stool
Place stool 2 yards from wall. Stand 3 yards from stool. Throw ball at wall to bounce in front of stool and wait fro a clip to dive and catch. - Gazbebe

4 Paper Plane Shoot Down

1. Paper plane(s)
2. Elastic bands
One person throws plane and other tries to hit plane - Gazbebe

5 William Tells All

1. A hat made from paper
2. Sponge ball
One person wears hat, the other throws the ball to knock off hat. - Gazbebe

6 Grapefruit Bowls

1. Grapefruits x 6-8
2. Lemon x 1 (jack)
3. Large hallway (better with carpet)
Use those grapefruits alternatively with 2 players to get nearest the lemon, you know the rules. Great fun to customize your 'balls' with marker pens and the sort. - Gazbebe

7 Hat-A-tyre

1. Road cone x 1
2. Hats x 6 (baseball caps very good)
3. Hula hoop/ thin rope
4. Large hallway/or stairwell
Two players take turns to get the hat on the cone, hula hoop/rope is placed around the cone.
If hat lands on cone 5 points, 3 points if touching cone, inside hoop 2 points and touching hoop 1 point (these points also count for hats touching other hats in point scoring positions, i.e. if a hat is in the hoop and touches another hat touching the cone - both hats receive 3 points - phew! ). Hats missing the target completely is -1 point.
First to 21 points wins the game, based on 9 individual games (or however long you have got! ) - Gazbebe

8 Car Socket

1. Remote controlled car
2. Lego Duplo bricks (or similar)
3. Hard floor preferred
Driver starts 3 metres from gap in wall made of Lego bricks which is 1 & half diameter of car. Car cannot go backwards. 1 point for getting through gap, -1 if wall is hit. First to 11 points wins the game.
Other player has a pair of (clean) socks rolled in a ball and fires at car from an agreed position. - Gazbebe

9 Cointail

1. 10p coins x 8
2. Gaffer tape
3. A piece of cardboard
4. Hardfloor
Fold an A4 sized piece of hard card board into two, this will be used to roll the coins - a knack is required so practice makes perfect. Roll coins at a shape (circle, target, X) made from gaffer tape on floor. Each player has 4 rolls, any coins landing in the shape get 4 points, touching tape 2 points and ON tape 7 points - if your coin lands heads up double your points! First to 25 wins the game. - Gazbebe

10 Sheba Slam

1. Empty cat food box (Sheba preferred! )
2. Oranges/bean balls x 3
Place box with long end with opening facing thrower, box should be tight against wall.
Thrower has three chances to slam bowl oranges into cat food box. 1 point for one in, 3 points for 2 in and 5 points for all three oranges in box. Winner takes all after 21 points. - Gazbebe

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