Top Made Up Sonic Characters

Here is my top made up Sonic Characters. I'm letting you know their age and stuff. Hope you like them.

The Top Ten

1 Ike "Batris" James

This dude sounds like a good rival for Espio. He might be a better ninja then Espio.

Age: 16
Enjoys: Apple pie, hot springs, and sword play.
Friends: Mighty the Armadillo & Ray the Flying Squrriel
Rivals: Shadow, Knuckles, and Espio
History: Batris is a anti-hero. when he was 6, his father was murdered by a unknown foe. So he sets off to find him and avenge his father. As he travels, he encountered the Chaotixs. They asked him to join them but he refuse.

2 Joey the Honey Bee

Age: 6
Enjoys: Playing games, music, and cooking
Friends: Charmy, Mighty, Ray, Sonic, Knuckles, and Julie - Su

Rivals: Tails
As a child, he was abandoned by this parents and was left alone until he was founded by Mighty the armadillo. As he grows, he learned how to cook meals and met friends like Sonic and Knuckles. Joey can be shy at times but he can be a nice little boy. - Chaotixhero

3 Billy the Raccoon
4 Scrap the Hedgehog

This guy is Shadow's older brother made from Sonic's and Silver's DNA.

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5 Speedy
6 Icezone
7 Super Sonic God

Super Sonic God maybe a big rip off of DBZ but still sound like a good fan character - Chaotixhero

8 Nazo the Hedgehog
9 Batro V 1 Comment
10 Metal Shadow

The Contenders

11 Tailnic
12 Anti Shadow
13 Melody
14 Hyper Shadow
15 Ashura
16 Moonlight the hedgehog
17 Nega Sonic

That will might be cool but cooler if it was Dark Sonic instead of Nega Sonic

18 Super Sonic 3
19 Shark the Hedgehog

Enjoys: Sword Play, Pizza, Hot Springs, Music
Friends: Like lone wolf, so has none.
Rivals: Knuckles, Sonic, Shadow, Espio, Nazo, X
History: A lone wolf anti hero type guy wielder of the mighty shark blade
He grew up in a naval battlefield and wanted to avenge the death of his parents by tracking down Overlord X and killing him in the final battle, the two fought and Shark arose as the victor, he then battle sonic espio and Knuckles in a 1 on 3 fight shark also arose the victor but the 3 fled from him... He then gained powers of the water and became the king of Camion (the underwater city) and he rests underwater. waiting for more evil... And challengers.

20 Coldsteel the Hedgeheg V 1 Comment
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