Top Ten Made Up Sonic the Hedgehog Games

I have my share of dreams, and a part of it is creating my own Sonic the Hedgehog games. Well, here goes!

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1 Sonic Adventure 3

I'm sorry, but I'm working on this game. Sonic Adventure 3: Destroy all evil. New is that you only must play the race levels, the treasure hunting, destruction and flying levels are optional. There's 4 characters with own specs and skills on every story. There's also three new characters: Nazo The Hedgehog, Black Wind (not from Sonic X) and Julie The Fox. Also new zone types and levels, like the Water Town (like Venice), the frozen ocean or the heaven. A new achievement system, where you can get videos, artworks and soundtracks, when you play the optional levels. The upgrade system is a combination from Sonic Adventure 2 Battle and Sonic 06. There's Upgrades like Bounce Bracelet, Rocket Accel and Ancient Light. When I'm finished, I make a download site (I think about to make it only for consoles and you can download it for your emulator). Till then I wish you nice Sonic games, see YA.

Okay I'm Back With More Ideas!

More Of The Plot Now With Tails As A Playable Character Our 4 Heroes Continue On There Journey To Stop Eggman And Save The World Again! Then They Learn A New Disturbing Development With The Brainwashed Knuckles Has Come In Which Knuckles Is More Than Brainwashed, He Is Brainwashed To The Point That Knuckle's Memories Blocked By Eggman's Brainwashing Will Be Absorbed Meaning If The 4 Heroes Don't Give Knuckles The Antidote In Time Knuckles Will Be Permanently Be Under Eggman's Control.

Will Sonic, Shadow, Silver, And Tails Make It In Time To Save There Friend From Permanent Evil?

Find Out Later!

More Of My Ideas
More Of The Plot- Things Take A Turn For The Worst When Sonic Learns Eggman Had Brainwashed Tails And Knuckles. Sonic, Shadow, And Silver Decide They Must Return Tails And Knuckles Back To Normal. While Walking In A Forest The Trio Encounters A Brainwashed Tails Who Says He Wants To Kill Sonic And Be Part Of The Eggman Empire And Sonic Tells His Brainwashed Sidekick To Snap Out Of It But It Doesn't Work And Sonic Asks Silver To Do Something Silver Says Okay And Uses His Telekinesis And Throws Tails To The Ground And Doesn't Work Then Sonic Decides If Shadow Does Something It Might Seriously Injure Or Even Kill Tails So They Go To A Scientist And Asks The Scientist For An Antidote And Says Okay And Creates It And Tests It On A Severley Brainwashed Catapillar And Works So They Tie Tails Down And Give Him The Antidote And It Works And Tails Is Back To His Normal Self And Asks Sonic What Happened And Sonic Tells Him Everything And Asks Tails If He Wants To Join The ...more

I would absolutely love a third Sonic Adventure. It would be all about Shadow. Sonic would go missing, and Amy Rose will nag Shadow to save him.

2 Sonic Unleashed 2

I loved the first Sonic Unleashed! I would love to see more Werehog action, I'd really love to see Chip again. It would be about the moon breaking apart and a similar storyline to Sonic Unleashed. Oh, and Jason Griffith will be rehired!

I did not know the game is here?

It would be cool if you could play as shadow, silver and their werehog forms.

Sounds like jaws unleashed

3 Silver the Hedgehog

Come on! Silver needs his own game, you know it. Shadow tails and knucklehead got their own games so why not him!?

Honestly I think silver would have a pretty cool game, plus shadow got his game, but not silver yet. I wouldn't mind a game about psychokinesis with silver, silver is a decent character too so it's not like he'll be a bad lead. Sega really needs to give silver his own game. If not it's no use.
That was a forced it's no use joke right there.

This game would be amazing, all the awesome powers, meeting other survivors and beating the crap out of evil!

This game could be in 2015, 10 years later since Shadow's game! It would make sense, wouldn't it?!

4 Sonic & SEGA All Stars Party

Huh cool but why?

Like Mario party :D but with sonic characters. BRILLIANT! -shadowswagger922

Sonic and his SEGA pals will participate in a variety of party games. And the last standing will win…er…something of value. Included characters are: Sonic, Tails, Shadow, Silver, Amy, NiGHTS, Reala, Beat, Ulala, Aiai and Amigo.

5 Triple S

That would be a very good/interesting idea. I'd play Shadow's story over and over again! :D (Of course, I would also try the other ones, too. )

I could see this as a next-gen game for Xbox One and the PS4.
I've been wanting to play a new game, with Shadow as a Main Character, for a long while now. It's been 7 years since the Sonic the Hedgehog 06.

Triple S means Sonic, Shadow and Silver. It would be like 3 games in one, kinda like Sonic '06, but without the garbage that sent that game out the window. See, all three will have seperate storylines.

6 Villains Return

Nearly all Sonic villains, including Death Egg and Dark Gaia, will make a return, all determine to bring an end to Sonic and his friends. And at the end, all playable characters will go Super. Imagine it!

"Villains Return"? What kind of title is that?! Seriously, shouldn't this game be called "SEGA's Villains Return" or something?

Cool! Hopefully, Dr. Eggman unites mainly with Blinky from Pac-Man.

My gosh you are a genius -shadowswagger922

7 Tails' Story

This game will be about Tails not having Sonic around. He learns that Sonic can't always be there for him, he learns to build self confidence and learns even he can save the world.

A crossover of the two best Gamecube games, Tales of Symphonia and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle.

Sounds Great!
At Least It's Better Than 2005's Shadow The Hedgehog.

The best GameCube games are Tales of Symphonia, the oldest Super Monkey Ball games, Pac-Man Vs., Super Smash Bros. Melee and etc.

8 Sonic Heroes 2

Imagine all new teams for example, team hedgehog silver as flight shadow as power and sonic as speed. Team girl with rouge as flight cream as speed and Amy as power. Just think about it.

Oh my gosh, why did you mention this. IT WANT ONE NOW

In a fan made version of it there was a character named blangel in team dark

9 Super Hedgehogs

We need a full game with super sonic super shadow and super silver with storylines! And hard bosses that only one of the super hedgehogs get to defeat at the end you get to be all hyper and you could fly and never die but fall of and run out of time. Hyper can only last for 60 secs. No good or bad endings!

That will be awesome!

Let's hope mephiles the dark is the final boss.

Thank you everybody for your support

10 Sonic's Food Run

I imagine this would be an iPod app on iTunes. It would be about Sonic running through familiar scenes like Green Hill, Final Fortress and Planet Wisp. He would run and the player would control him to run to his favourite food, and avoid Eggman's favourite food.

Sonic would get fat over time and when he's in his biggest he would roll so fast that he would finish the stage

There is his hack of soNic 2 wHich replaces the rings with onion rings.

The Contenders

11 Sonic Blaster

This is a modern Sonic game where Eggman creates a new powerful robot. Sonic chases after a rocket ship in the first stage to get to Eggman’s robot in outer space. The Egg Flexersist is a powerful new robot that would self-destruct, in an explosion so powerful that the only way of survival is to escape from the planet immediately, because the explosion can destroy a planet.
All worlds:
Green Hill
Desert Plant
Casino Subway
New Knux City
Virtual Sky
Mech Hill (Final World)
Green Hill Bosses:
InfernEgg (Mini Boss)
Crab Beef
Desert Plant Bosses:
Sand Golem (Mini Boss)
Egg Tentro
Casino Subway Bosses:
Subway Trains and Eggmobile (Mini Boss)
Egg Tesla
New Knux City Bosses:
Giant Egg Mech (Mini Boss)
Metal Sonic
Virtual Sky Bosses:
Egg Blaster (Mini Boss)
Prototype Infinite
Mech Hill Bosses:
Egg Flexersist (Mini Boss)
Egg Flexersist Core (Final Boss) - TopTenX

12 The Sonic Collection



Sonic Adventure 1&2, Sonic Heroes, Shadow, Sonic 06, Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Colors, Sonic Generations, Sonic Lost World. Also, fix the bad stuff, like the glitches in sonic 06.

The Sonic Collection would be much better with ALL the Classic Sonic games. After all, ALL Sonic the Hedgehog video games that are oler than Sonic Adveenture are much better than 3rd millennium Sonic the HEdgehog games generally.

13 Sonic Universe
14 Sonic Defiance


That would be epic. Sonic the bad guy. But who's the GOOD guy? Shadow?

It would be cool

15 Sonic Boom

Unbelievable! This game is coming out, now don't get me wrong the gameplay looks great but what really ticks me off is the new Sonic and friends designs

Why is this on here? This game sucked! The Wii U version did, at least. The 3DS version, however, was amazing!

You people made a mistake this game is already out by the way it's 2015

This game is coming out... Unbelievable!

16 Sonic Flashes

My friend made up this game. - TopTenX

17 Shadow the Hehedgehog 2

It won't be a Shadow the Hedgehog sequel without at least a little swearing and violence! And Maria's death plays a HUGE part in Shadow's life. Just saying.

I wish there was a second sequel for shadow the hedgehog

This game, would blow my mind.

Well, without the high level of violence and we don't see a kid get shot and killed, yeah

18 Sonic Freedom Forces

The final boss is not only powered by the phantom ruby, but also Infinite. - TopTenX

19 Shadow Unleashed

Sega is insane! It would make zillions!

Darn right it would make zillions. -shadowswagger922

This would be an... interesting game to say the least. But it sound awesome!

20 Blaze the Cat


She Should Replace Sonic Permanently As The Main Character

Actually Blaze didn't die. She was sent to another dimension with Iblis and then that time-line was erased from history when Solaris was defeated. So technically speaking Blaze didn't die nor was she sent to another dimension so a Baze the Cat game could actually happen. Yes, I know I sound like a dictionary.

Nah blaze died you don't remember 06

21 The Crossover that's Famous

Sonia's friends meet other gaming characters in a bizarre Sonic crossover. Crossover characters include: Crash Bandicoot, NiGHTS, Spyro, Cynder, Pacman, Ratchet and Clank.

Mario ness marth bubsy pikachu shold be there too -

From every genre one game:
Action Adventure: Assasins Creed
Realtime RPG: Kingdom Hearts
This other RPG: Pokemon
Shooter: Call of Duty
Open World: Watch Dogs
Puzzle: Portal
Racing: Need for Speed
And you can play every level (when you was in the stiry at this point, where they joins you) as one of this modes. WHAT THE AMAZING AWESOME GAME

22 Sonic Generations 2

And there will be 5 Sonics.

Classic Sonic (my favorite throughout 1991 - 2014), Dreamcast Sonic (who sucks), Modern Sonic (who is bad), Boom Sonic (who is impressive) and even Sonic's Legs in 2050 Sonic. That would be epic!

Get ready for a 2031 release, that's sonics 40th anniversary.

Sonic Forces says hi. - MasterCreepy

This sounds insane! I like it. 5 Sonic's. But if your going like that there'd be at least 2-3 Shadow's, Amy's, Tails', and Knuckles. Witch would be EPIC!

23 Breaking Codes

Sonic becomes like a Sherlock, learning to crack codes to solve what happened to Eggman, due to him being missing.

If Eggman went missing I would rather have a party. ICE CREAM FOR EVERYONE -shadowswagger922

24 Sonic 4 Episode 3

This episode was cancelled, but there's also a theory they're starting it again from scratch - tent2

They better make it - Chaotixhero

25 Mario & Tails

Please vote for Mario & Tails! That would be awesome!

This should be top 1! Seriously, Mario & Tails will be a great BFF duo!

Mario & Tails would be the epitome of the whole Sonic franchise!


26 Shadow.Exe

What is this doing here?

27 Sega Smash Bros

This is an AMAZING IDEA! Come on SEGA! Don't you love us?


28 Sonic.exe

What is this doing here?

This epitome of the Sonic franchise exists.


I don't think "Sonic.EXE" is even cannon. I think it's just fannon. But I guess you never know there's a 50-50 chance of it. Don't lose you hope!

29 Amy the Hedgehog
30 Sonic and Silver

I guess it could be something and the wisp could return

31 Sonic the Fighters 2

One more character can be from the comic. Like Rosie the Rascal (Anti-Amy) Scourge the Hedgehog (Anti-Sonic/Dark Sonic) and the Anti-Knuckles (forgot his name) How about Sally Acorns and Mighty the Armadillo? We can't forget those forgotten characters? How about power-ups? Although, I think there should be a Free Riders mod including the Sonic Free Riders characters (Storm, Wave, Jet? ) And bring back the older characters like Bean, Fang, and Bark!

This would include several new characters. Vector the Crocodile, Charmy the Bee, Silver the Hedgehog, Shadow the Hedgehog, Jet the Hawk, Blaze the Cat, and Cream the Rabbit. Downloadable content would be other characters like Wave the Swallow, and Storm the Albatross. Sticks the Badger, Metal Sonic, and Dr. Robotnik and Eggman will be able to be accessed with a cheat device, not as downlodable characters. Agree?

32 Guitar Hero Sonic

Why do you want Guitar Hero Sonic & not Guitar Hero Mario?! Mario is much more awesome!

Yea but the songs... there's not much to Guitar Hero to. It would be much better with Sonic, seeing as he has really amazing rock music. - MasterCreepy


It should also have seven rings in hand

33 Mecha Sonic and Metal Sonic Adventures

Cool! I hope it's a crossover!

34 Sonic Advance 4

Sadly they confirmed the Advance saga is never continuing. - tent2

This would be good even since sonic advance was a really good game.

35 Team Chaotix

About how vector met Espio and charmy

I want it now too! - MysticPhantom

I want it now!

36 Sega All Stars Tennis

What is this doing here?! There already is a Sega all stars Tennis

37 Solaris (The Flame of Hope)


38 Super Sonic

Sonic turns into super sonic for all bosses if you get the chaos emeralds

And in the final boss Super Sonic is not strong enough so he uses the Super Chaos Emeralds to become HYPER SONIC.

Yes Hyper Sonic is canon, I can't believe Knuckles doesn't go super anymore. - MasterCreepy

39 Silver.exe


40 Super Sonic World

I'd really like that game for sure.i really hope they come out with that one.

41 Sonic & Amy

Imagine Amy Rose stealing Yoshi's role & Sonic stealing Mario's role.

That looks hilariously horribly funny to imagine!

hell no

42 Sonic & Sega All-Stars Orgy

What the hell!? No! - Hotheart123

43 Time Trial

I'm just pulling random ideas out of a hat now. Basically, Sonoc goes through old areas with a time limit.

44 Sonic 5 Mecha Sonic's Return

Sonic 5 Mecha Sonics Return

Its the return of Mecha Sonic you know how you battled him in Sonic 3 & Knuckles well he's coming back IN SONIC 5

I want to see hyper MECHA SONIC don't you :3

45 Knuckles the Guardian

Knuckles protects the emrald

46 Knuckle's Chaotix 2
47 Girls Rule the World!

It would be about all the sonic girls divided into teams with the best fan sonic fan made characters. And the teams would be divided into the agility group example: Rouge bad, Cream good,.
Like that and the boys would be jealous because they aren't the ones saving the girls and the world so the dress up like girls and go on the teams later the girls find out what the boys have been up too and laugh there heads off. Then boys and girls later find Baldy "MC nose hair With ALL of the boys and girls worst and some undefeated enemies they all go super and fight the bad guys but that takes major planing. And they get some help from old pals From sonic col

Sticks should be in it as an unlock able character

Girls rule the world! *continued*

From sonic colors *the wisp* Sonic Unleashed *chip* And yes Amy can use the wisp now *except for Rocket they got some beef* So 1 year later after fighting and planing they are back to normal.
P. S there are special stages to help you!

48 The Legend of Sonic (Beyond the Force)

Sounds like star wars to me. Sega... Don't even think about it - Chaotixhero

49 The Legend of Sonic (Beyond the Knife)
50 The Legend of Sonic (Beyond the Table)
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