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41 The Legend of Sonic (Beyond the Force)

Sounds like star wars to me. Sega... Don't even think about it - Chaotixhero

42 The Legend of Sonic (Beyond the Knife)
43 The Legend of Sonic (Beyond the Table)
44 The Legend of Sonic 2 (The Time Machine)
45 The Legend of Sonic 3 (Under the Surface)
46 The Legend of Sonic 4 (Revenge of the Thief)
47 Sonic the Hedgehog Blue Edition V 1 Comment
48 Sonic and Knuckles 2
49 Sonic Alliance
50 Sonic Enter the Matrix
51 Sonic Next Gen 2
52 Just Dance Sonic Party
53 Sonic the Hedgehog 2018

In Sonic 2018, Amy Rose & Acel Chains first meet in person & decide to be best friends forever. The bond starts in Western Canada.

Also, Sonic the Hedgehog will face against a fully nude Princess Daisy of Sarasa Land at Swanguard Stadium. Sonic the Hedgehog will stand at 8'3" in height & weigh 154 pounds as well as he is 1 foot in width as Sonic the Hedgehog is most likely stretched out into a lanky beanstalk. Sonic the Hedgehog 2018 will be the Sonic version of the Your Favourite Martian Land trilogy.

This would be Awesome! Not the nude Princess Daisy of Salsa Land at Swanstink Stadium thing. But the idea sounds cool otherwise!

54 Grand Theft Auto Station Square

That would be nevertheless awesome! A teamup between Sonic the Hedgehog (who/that sucks these days) and Nico Bellic team up. And which Station Square? Why, the Station Square in Burnaby!

55 Sonic CD 2
56 Sonic Owns Mario

FACT Mario is bad guy, BOOM, story is complete. WOW, Sonic owns Mario.

How about "Sonic Owns Princess Daisy"?

V 2 Comments
57 Sonic Riders 2

Uh hello there is already a Sonic Riders 2. It's Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity. Of course it doesn't sound or look like it but it's a sequel. And Sonic Riders 3 is Sonic Free Riders if your guessing.

Sonic free riders WITHOUT THE CONTROLLER would be amazing

58 Sonic Adventure X
59 Sonic Sparta
60 Sonic Rivals 3
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