Top Ten Made Up Warrior Cat Names that Would Fit Britgirl's Character

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1 Dovefeather

Silver she-cat with blue eyes. Dovekit's mother was a blue-gray loner called Sprig and her father was a white Brambleclan warrior called Brackenpelt. Her father fell in love with Sprig and when they had Dovekit, Snowykit (white she-kit with gray paws) and Slatekit (gray tom-kit with white paw) Sprig agreed to join Brambleclan and become Sprigfall. A young black warrior called Swirltail fell in love with brand new warrior, Dovefeather, and they had, Birdkit (gray and black tom-kit later Birdnose) and Cloudkit (a white she-kit with gray streaks later Cloudsky) Cloudsky found out she was expecting her black tabby mate, Nettlestripe's kits the day Swirltail died in a battle with Mountainclan and Dovefeather became ill with whitecough. Dovefeather died the day Cloudsky gave birth to Rainkit (a black tabby tom-kit) who was hated for no reason by the clan so when his mother and father and mother's mother died, (the only family he had left) all went to Starclan, he turned into a loner and ...more

This is such a pretty name!

2 Ambershine

A white she cat with ginger patches and amber eyes.
Father: Creek, a black tom with dark red mottled blotches
Mother: Scar, a brindled red she cat with ginger spots and amber eyes
Sister: Iriskit, Waterkit, a pure white kit with bright blue eyes, a silver and gray kit with amber eyes
Brother: Brownkit, a speckled brown tom with black spots and yellow eyes
As kits, Creek and Scar had abandoned their kits for their own safety.
Amberkit crawled into the only shelter she and her siblings had. Inside, Waterkit coughed uncontrollably while Brownkit was licking the snow on the side of the den trying to get a slight drink. Iriskit, the eldest of the kits was outside sniffing for danger or possibly food. She called from outside, " A cat, many fox-lengths ahead but- " Brownkit cut her off.
" Then we have to move. " he nudged Waterkit's ears and licked her fur. " But this is the only place we've had. We have to stay. Maybe they won't find us. " ...more

3 Sweetflower
4 Honeyheart
5 Featherwind
6 Pureheart


7 Rosedapple

A cream colored she-cat with brown eyes and a flame colored tail tip and ear tips
Mother- Wavewhisper- cream and flame she-cat with blue eyes
Father- Perchclaw- white and brown tom with brown eyes
Sisters- Clovermist (white she-cat with light brown eyes)
brothers- Leaffrost (brown tabby tom with splotches of white)
personality- kind-hearted, brave, truthful, caring, and gentle
mate- Creekthorn (black tabby tom with green eyes)
clan- Doveclan
kits- Breezeflower (black she-cat with cream spots and turquoise eyes) Goldenwing (cream colored she-cat with black paws
rank- Warrior-queen-warrior-elder-starclan warrior
~Swiftdawn of Doveclan

8 Honeywing
9 Goldenwing
10 Sunstream

A yellow she cat with white paws and dark yellow eyes.
Father: BlueFire
Mother: LightWater
Sisters: AmberSong, PaleHeart
Brothers: WhiteBirch, BrownStripe

The Contenders
11 Breezeflower
12 Sugarleaf
13 Lovingheart
14 Starflower
15 Appledusk
16 Honeyflower
17 Amberstorm
18 Dawnwish
19 Appleflower
20 Milkyflame
21 Berryfeather
22 Berryflower
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