All Time Greatest Madlib Songs

A list of songs that have contributed to veteran Hip-Hop producer, instrumentalist and MC, Madlib, earning his legendary status. Which of his following tracks is your personal favorite? (This includes his songs as a member of a duo or group).

The Top Ten

1 Answers (Lootpack & Quasimoto)

Madlib, DJ Romes and, Wild Child were the members of a group named, Lootpack. - BeaverCleaver

2 All Caps (Madvillain)

Formed in 2002, Madvillain is a Hip-Hop production and vocal duo that consists of Madlib and fellow Emcee, MF Doom. - BeaverCleaver

3 Knock Knock (Instrumental)
4 Giannis
5 Stepping Into Tomorrow
6 Planned Attack (Quasimoto)

FYI, Quasimoto is actually Madlib but in the form of a high-pitched voice, animated character alter-ego. - BeaverCleaver

7 Figaro (Madvillain)

The Madvillain album of this song, Madvillainy, is the highly acclaimed and sole studio album of the duo. It was a great showcase of what the intricate musical minds of both men are capable of. - BeaverCleaver

8 Real Eyes (Quasimoto)
9 Half Manne Half Cocaine
10 Bomb
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1. Answers (Lootpack & Quasimoto)
2. All Caps (Madvillain)
3. Knock Knock (Instrumental)


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