Madonna's Best #1 Hits

Madonna has had 12 songs hit the #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Those songs include: Like A Virgin, Crazy For You, Live To Tell, Papa Don't Preach, Open Your Heart, Who's That Girl, Like A Prayer, Vogue, Justify My Love, This Used to Be My Playgroud, Take A Bow, and Music. Which one of her #1s is the best?

The Top Ten

1 Like a Prayer

The emotion and originality of this song is hard to beat. This song is timeless and always so powerful. One of the greatest songs of all-time in my opinion.

2 Who's that Girl

Still to this day, I love this song and think it has such an original sound. I love the lyrics and everything about it.

3 Live to Tell

One of Madonna's greatest ballads. So emotional and powerful and the orchestration is great.

Yes, this song is one of my favorites from "the classics. "

4 Vogue

One of the greatest dance songs of all time. This song is iconic.

5 Open Your Heart

One of my very favorite up-tempo songs from the 80s.

6 This Used to Be My Playground

Though it hit #1, it seems this song is often overlooked nowadays. This was a great song from a great movie.

7 Music

Madonna herself has said that this is her favorite dance song of hers. Modern day anthem classic.

8 Crazy for You

This was Madonna's first ballad and will always hold a special place in the heart of her fans.

9 Take a Bow

This was Madonna's longest-running #1 song, however she has never even performed live on a tour.

10 Papa Don't Preach

Such a meaningful song and iconic. This song broke down many barriers at the time.

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