Best Madonna Dance Songs of the '80s

Madonna pioneered dance-pop music in the 80s. This is how I rank her best dance floor songs from her first decade.

The Top Ten

1 Into the Groove Into the Groove Cover Art
2 Burning Up Burning Up Cover Art
3 Holiday Holiday Cover Art
4 Express Yourself Express Yourself Cover Art
5 Like a Virgin Like a Virgin Cover Art
6 Open Your Heart Open Your Heart Cover Art
7 Dress You Up Dress You Up Cover Art
8 Where's the Party Where's the Party Cover Art
9 Lucky Star Lucky Star Cover Art
10 Physical Attraction Physical Attraction Cover Art

The Contenders

11 Spotlight Spotlight Cover Art
12 Everybody Everybody Cover Art

Madonna's true first single. It was actually released in October of 1982 and landed on the Club dance chart that year. Then is showed up on her first self titled album in 1983. Lot's of nostalgia with this one!

13 Material Girl Material Girl Cover Art
14 Gambler
15 White Heat White Heat Cover Art
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