Top 10 Madonna Songs That Should Have Been Released As a Single

Just put your favorite Maddy songs which were never released as singles but should have.

*Please, don't put songs which were released as promo singles or singles without original video
- Angel
- Spotlight
- Nothing Fails
- Dress You Up
- Keep It Together
- Rescue Me
- One More Chance

The Top Ten

1 Pray for Spanish Eyes Pray for Spanish Eyes

One of my all-time favourites!


2 Till Death Do Us Part Till Death Do Us Part

This really was an amazing song. I'd love if she brought this one back and gave it new life. It deserved much more recognition.

This track is real Beauty. Why didn't Madge make it a single? I still don't understand - Irina2932

Very powerful and emotional song. I think this song deserves a reboot!

3 Forbidden Love Forbidden Love

Wonderful track which was included to both "Bedtime Stories" (1994) and "Something To Remember" (1995) albums but still never had own single release. How sad - Irina2932

It is the most beautiful song of confessions on a dancefloor.

I was obsessed with this song. Good break up song too.

My favourite song ever after "Hung Up" of the same artist: Madonna
It should be the right B-side for this song.

4 I'm Addicted

I don't like very much the MDNA album, but I think this song is one of the best dance tracks of the last ten years...

Best song on MDNA!

5 Joan of Arc

Should've released this ballad before Ghosttown. Would've resonated more with younger listeners.

6 Survival

Love this song- it has the Nikki and Donna back up

7 Sky Fits Heaven

Feel the lyrics and the vibe of it. Californian 90's Music

No question this is infinitely better than "Nothing Really Matters" - theOpinionatedOne

Magic. Listening to this song I feel like travelling across the oceans. Really.

It might be her best song ever written and sung! Amazing lyrics, sophisticated production, superb vocals!
It should've been released as a single instead of Nothing Really Matters.

8 Amazing

One of my favourite tracks of the Music album

9 Devil Wouldn't Recognize You

Best song from Hard Candy - mholland1997

10 Push

This track should have been released as a single - it differs from all other songs on "Confessions on a Dance Floor" record and is my personal favorite non-single track in 2000's - Irina2932

Just an amazing inspirational track. Never fails to give me goosebumps.

! Best song on the CD! This was a hit!

The Contenders

11 Heartbeat

One of Madonna's most beautiful songs since 2008 - should've been a single - Irina2932

12 Words

Best song on Erotica!

13 Beautiful Scars
14 Candy Shop

It has already been promoted a lot and performed on 3 tours in a row.
the only thing missing was a cool video and a single treatment

15 Thief of Hearts

This should've been the third single from Erotica, it's one of my favorite songs from the album, this had more potential than Bad Girl and Bye Bye Baby.

Great and sometime even funny track from marvelous album "Erotica" - Irina2932

This is the best track of Erotica... Why "Bye Bye Baby" was released as a single. Madonna missed the occasion to make a hit...

I just listened to this song and I was blown away no other song on the album was as good as this one definitely should have been on a tour plus been a single very good song, plus would have cleared up some of that blackwash from the album

16 Isaac

Many people criticize this song but I think it's very beautiful and melodious track - Irina2932

17 Waiting

This song carries the main concept of Erotica, just like Where Life Begins. Her voice is full of cynism and sarcasm. I love to sit with a cigarette, coffee and just listen to it.

This should have made the radio.

Erotica is one of the best Madonna ' s albums, surely the most "artistic ", in spite of all the critics and the scarce success. Songs like this one, or Secret Garden are great works of art.

18 Where's the Party

This song should be a single! It's THE BEST SONG EVER

Very cool dance/party track - deserved being a single - Irina2932

Should be a single!

19 Don't Stop
20 Back In Business

I adore Madonna's "I'm Breathless" album but think it had very very and very poor promotion. Madonna sounds brilliant as jazz singer and her vocal was amazing - Irina2932

This fantastic album should have been more exploited : "Back in Business" or "He's a Man" should have been wonderful singles to promote this jazz period.

Love this song...

21 Runaway Lover

My favorite non-single track from "Music" (2000) - Irina2932

22 Time Stood Still
23 Think of Me
24 Inside of Me
25 Gang Bang

This haves a video - JaysTop10List

The darker song from MDNA, surely the highlight... Unreleased due to the explicit lyrics... So Bad...

26 Love Tried to Welcome Me
27 White Heat
28 Sanctuary
29 X-Static Process

Great song on a great album. Hypnotized every time I listen Xstatic process.

30 How High

Should’ve been a single

31 Paradise (Not for Me)
32 Falling Free

This song makes me cry every time. So beautiful.

I love this song.

One ot the most beautiful songs on MDNA.

33 I Know It
34 I Love New York

I love New York and the song about it love love love this very fun and crafty song that has cute lyrics and beat that everyone must love and vote for this fun song that was a hiloght of the tour

35 Future Lovers

In the events of this songs brilliance please vote for this song that is the heart of confessions on a dancefloor no other song has a better beat then this one

From confessions on a dancefloor and I love it
it really has that good dance song feel

36 Like It or Not

Also Push, Mer Girl, Little Star and Easy Ride should have been released as a single.

37 Over and Over

So uplifting! Great lyrics!

38 Pretender
39 Shanti Ashtangi
40 Little Star
41 Like a Flower

It's undeniably a good song but we should not be including unreleased and leaked demos on any lists here. I'm sure anybody who is a Madonna fan has looked into some of her leaked demos and thought "Why didn't she release this? " but we have to respect her choice and just keep these songs off the lists. I know it sucks because many of them are great, but it's the respectful thing to do. - theOpinionatedOne

Just Luke Skywalker and the other hand and the

42 Act of Contrition

I don't think this should have been a single but it would sound cool if parts of it were worked into a remix of "Like a Prayer" like
"Like a Prayer (Contrition Mix)" or something like that. I do think they were meant to be a part 1 and part 2 type thing since it was the B-Side to the Like a Prayer single. - theOpinionatedOne

43 Incredible

This song had what it takes to be a hit... Beautfiul lyrics... A phenomenal beat, but sadly Madonna didn't release it as a single

44 I Don't Give A

It's the best track of MDNA. Don't understand Why Superstar was released instead...

45 Beat Goes On
46 Masterpiece
47 Nothing Lasts Forever
48 Crimes of Passion
49 Beautiful Killer
50 Something to Remember
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