Top 10 Madonna Songs That Should Have Been Released As a Single

Just put your favorite Maddy songs which were never released as singles but should have.

*Please, don't put songs which were released as promo singles or singles without original video
- Angel
- Spotlight
- Nothing Fails
- Dress You Up
- Keep It Together
- Rescue Me
- One More Chance

The Top Ten

1 Pray For Spanish Eyes Pray For Spanish Eyes
2 Till Death Do Us Part Till Death Do Us Part

This really was an amazing song. I'd love if she brought this one back and gave it new life. It deserved much more recognition.

This track is real Beauty. Why didn't Madge make it a single? I still don't understand - Irina2932

Very powerful and emotional song. I think this song deserves a reboot!

3 Forbidden Love Forbidden Love

Wonderful track which was included to both "Bedtime Stories" (1994) and "Something To Remember" (1995) albums but still never had own single release. How sad - Irina2932

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4 Survival
5 I'm Addicted I'm Addicted

I don't like very much the MDNA album, but I think this song is one of the best dance tracks of the last ten years...

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6 Sky Fits Heaven Sky Fits Heaven

Magic. Listening to this song I feel like travelling across the oceans. Really.

No question this is infinitely better than "Nothing Really Matters" - theOpinionatedOne

It might be her best song ever written and sung! Amazing lyrics, sophisticated production, superb vocals!
It should've been released as a single instead of Nothing Really Matters.

Catchy riff. Great lyrics.

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7 Joan of Arc Joan of Arc

Should've released this ballad before Ghosttown. Would've resonated more with younger listeners.

8 Amazing Amazing
9 Push Push

This track should have been released as a single - it differs from all other songs on "Confessions on a Dance Floor" record and is my personal favorite non-single track in 2000's - Irina2932

Just an amazing inspirational track. Never fails to give me goosebumps.

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10 Heartbeat Heartbeat

One of Madonna's most beautiful songs since 2008 - should've been a single - Irina2932

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11 Devil Wouldn't Recognize You Devil Wouldn't Recognize You

Best song from Hard Candy - mholland1997

12 Words Words

Best song on Erotica!

13 Beautiful Scars Beautiful Scars
14 Thief of Hearts Thief of Hearts

This should've been the third single from Erotica, it's one of my favorite songs from the album, this had more potential than Bad Girl and Bye Bye Baby.

Great and sometime even funny track from marvelous album "Erotica" - Irina2932

This is the best track of Erotica... Why "Bye Bye Baby" was released as a single. Madonna missed the occasion to make a hit...

I also wish White heat was released from true blue

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15 Candy Shop Candy Shop

It has already been promoted a lot and performed on 3 tours in a row.
the only thing missing was a cool video and a single treatment

16 Isaac Isaac

Many people criticize this song but I think it's very beautiful and melodious track - Irina2932

17 Waiting Waiting

This song carries the main concept of Erotica, just like Where Life Begins. Her voice is full of cynism and sarcasm. I love to sit with a cigarette, coffee and just listen to it.

This should have made the radio.

Erotica is one of the best Madonna ' s albums, surely the most "artistic ", in spite of all the critics and the scarce success. Songs like this one, or Secret Garden are great works of art.

18 Where's the Party Where's the Party

Very cool dance/party track - deserved being a single - Irina2932

Should be a single!

19 Back In Business Back In Business

I adore Madonna's "I'm Breathless" album but think it had very very and very poor promotion. Madonna sounds brilliant as jazz singer and her vocal was amazing - Irina2932

This fantastic album should have been more exploited : "Back in Business" or "He's a Man" should have been wonderful singles to promote this jazz period.

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20 Don't Stop Don't Stop
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