Top 10 Madonna Songs That Should Have Been Released As a Single


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21 Runaway Lover Runaway Lover

My favorite non-single track from "Music" (2000) - Irina2932

22 Time Stood Still Time Stood Still
23 Inside of Me Inside of Me
24 Gang Bang Gang Bang

The darker song from MDNA, surely the highlight... Unreleased due to the explicit lyrics... So Bad...

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25 Love Tried to Welcome Me Love Tried to Welcome Me
26 White Heat White Heat
27 Think of Me Think of Me
28 Sanctuary Sanctuary
29 X-Static Process X-Static Process

Great song on a great album. Hypnotized every time I listen Xstatic process.

30 I Know It I Know It
31 I Love New York I Love New York

I love New York and the song about it love love love this very fun and crafty song that has cute lyrics and beat that everyone must love and vote for this fun song that was a hiloght of the tour

32 Future Lovers Future Lovers

In the events of this songs brilliance please vote for this song that is the heart of confessions on a dancefloor no other song has a better beat then this one

From confessions on a dancefloor and I love it
it really has that good dance song feel

33 Like It or Not Like It or Not

Also Push, Mer Girl, Little Star and Easy Ride should have been released as a single.

34 Over and Over Over and Over V 1 Comment
35 How High How High
36 Falling Free Falling Free V 2 Comments
37 Shanti Ashtangi Shanti Ashtangi
38 Little Star Little Star
39 Like a Flower

It's undeniably a good song but we should not be including unreleased and leaked demos on any lists here. I'm sure anybody who is a Madonna fan has looked into some of her leaked demos and thought "Why didn't she release this? " but we have to respect her choice and just keep these songs off the lists. I know it sucks because many of them are great, but it's the respectful thing to do. - theOpinionatedOne

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40 Act of Contrition Act of Contrition

I don't think this should have been a single but it would sound cool if parts of it were worked into a remix of "Like a Prayer" like
"Like a Prayer (Contrition Mix)" or something like that. I do think they were meant to be a part 1 and part 2 type thing since it was the B-Side to the Like a Prayer single. - theOpinionatedOne

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