Best Madvillain Songs

Madvillain is a Hip Hop duo consisting of rappers and producers MF DOOM and Madlib.

The Top Ten

1 America's Most Blunted

I'm surprised that this list wasn't on this site before - Undistinguished

Teaching kids how to spell the word "marijuajuana" since 2004. - shadomatrix

2 Raid
3 All Caps

Just remember all caps when you spell the mans name - DarkBoi-X

4 Money Folder
5 Accordian
6 Shadows of Tomorrow
7 Great Day
8 Fancy Clown
9 Meat Grinder
10 Rainbows

The Contenders

11 Curls
12 Monkey Suit
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Top Remixes

1. America's Most Blunted
2. Raid
3. Money Folder
1. All Caps
2. Great Day
3. Meat Grinder


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