Top 10 Magic: The Gathering Cards for Budget Decks


The Top Ten

1 Elvish Mystic

This is like a Time Walk in budget decks. It rlly speeds up getting some big creatures. - KilMii

2 Wild Mongrel

This guy can avoid cards like Doom Blade. - KilMii

3 Brainstorm

Almost as good as Ancestral Recall! Just use a shuffling effect and you don't have to draw the cards you returned to your deck. - KilMii

4 Hymn to Tourach

Discarding 2 random cards with 2 mana is quite nice. - KilMii

5 Counterspell

This stops pretty much everything - KilMii

6 Fireblast

Only have 8 life left? Well ill just use these 2 Fireblasts for no mana cost to finish you off. - KilMii

7 Sakura-Tribe Elder

A creature version of Rampant Growth! Excellent. - KilMii

8 Duress

This will discard your opponents noncreature key cards. - KilMii

9 Impulse

Good chance to give you what you need. - KilMii

10 Bonesplitter

The Contenders

11 Lightning Bolt
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