Top 10 Best Magic: The Gathering Cards

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21 Doom Blade

I'm not voting for the completely broken cards listed in the top ten, but instead my vote goes to Doom Blade because unlike other cards above it that are broken, it's a fair, balanced card that's fun to play and fun to play against. - Turkeyasylum

22 Liliana Vess
23 Shelkin Brownie
24 Razor Boomerang V 1 Comment
25 Relentless Rats
26 Lightning Bolt V 1 Comment
27 Entomb

Library search and deposit into graveyard for an easy huge powerhouse on potentially turn 1? Yes please

28 Broodstar
29 Force of Will

The only way to stop first turn crazy stuff in Legacy and Vintage.

30 Demonic Tutor
31 Tolarian Academy
32 Balance
33 Mana Drain

No you can't, but yes I can next main phase. Best use of two blue in MTG.

34 Doorway To Nothingness.

Insanely high mana cost, but an insta-kill against your opponent hiding behind 10/10 creatures. Beware, though, your opponents (if playing with multiple people) will most assuredly team up on you. Best to use if you have proper defenses (such as the aforementioned Platinum Angel).

35 Hatred

Fun and brutal. Expectantly kill an opponent by dumping most of your life into an unblocked creature, or go down spectacularly when they counter it. Even better in EDH when you can play it on someone else's General who is attacking another opponent.

36 Chandra Ablaze
37 Angel of Hope
38 Ajani Caller of the Pride
39 Sorin Markov
40 Ashnod's Coupon

Get me some toilet water from Lithuania. No? That's a shame...

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