Best Magic Kingdom (Disney-Orlando) Thrill Rides


The Top Ten

1 Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

WHY is this #1 on the list?
It’s boring, short and not very thrilling for a ride.
There are better ones, even for Magic Kingdom. - Gregory

2 Space Mountain Space Mountain

This is Magic Kingdom's famous thrill ride, a voyage into the darkness of space.
It only goes 28 mph, but feels faster. - Gregory

3 Splash Mountain Splash Mountain

This is without a doubt the scariest ride I can think of in Magic Kingdom that’s currenly operating.

The big drop is enough to scare almost any park visitor away.

When I saw the drop on this ride up close, I felt scared and had flashbacks to the time I rode Journey to Atlantis at SeaWorld, which I got traumatized on due to the drop.

Definitely a thrill ride. - Gregory

4 Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Quite a pretty boring ride, but good in theming. - Gregory

5 The Barnstormer The Barnstormer

Used to be a good ride, and I got scared each time, but it’s no good theming anymore since Disney ruined it with Storybook Circus and took away the barn. - Gregory

6 Astro Orbiter Astro Orbiter

It’s a good idea that Disney would make a ride that represents flying through the solar system on rockets, but the design was poorly executed. - Gregory

7 Magic Carpets of Aladdin

A boring waste of space in Adventureland.
A dumbo ripoff. - Gregory

8 Peter Pan's Flight Peter Pan's Flight

You wait hours to get on and it’s a 2 minute ride that’s outdated. - Gregory

9 Tommorowland Transit Authority PeopleMover


Not very thrilling, it’s a tour through Tomorrowland, it’s very neat, but it’s not very thrilling. - Gregory

10 Pirates of the Caribbean Pirates of the Caribbean

There’s a small drop in the beginning and after that it’s just lame, and a boring version of Pirates of the Caribbean.
The Disneyland Shanghai one is much better. - Gregory

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