Best Magic Tree House Books

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1 Dinosaurs Before Dark Dinosaurs Before Dark Product Image

This was the first book of the whole series! - Ajkloth

I grew up with these, and this is the best one.

2 The Knight at Dawn The Knight at Dawn Product Image
3 Pirates Past Noon Pirates Past Noon Product Image
4 Mummies In the Morning Mummies In the Morning Product Image


5 Night of the Ninjas Night of the Ninjas Product Image
6 Afternoon On the Amazon Afternoon On the Amazon Product Image

This was my favorite - Not_A_Weeaboo

7 Dolphins at Daybreak Dolphins at Daybreak Product Image
8 Ghost Town at Sundown Ghost Town at Sundown Product Image
9 Midnight On the Moon Midnight On the Moon Product Image

Well setup and good wrighting

10 Sunset of the Sabertooth Sunset of the Sabertooth Product Image
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11 Summer of the Sea Serpent Summer of the Sea Serpent Product Image

My favorite Magic Treehouse book, and although I'm growing out of the series, I still love Summer of the Sea Serpent. I only like the Merlin Missions, too.

12 Winter of the Ice Wizard Winter of the Ice Wizard Product Image

Super good too

This book is GREAT for readers who want to find any awesome rescue storybooks. I read the book and I kept on reading for about 2 hours! I can't find any book series better, more exciting and more adventurous than this one. Even though I read many books from different book series, including:Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Geronimo Stilton, Captain Underpants,Goosebumps,etc. But none of the book series are better than this one. Best book EVER!

13 Vacation Under the Volcano Vacation Under the Volcano Product Image
14 Civil War On Sunday Civil War On Sunday Product Image
15 Carnival at Candlelight Carnival at Candlelight Product Image
16 Monday With a Mad Genius Monday With a Mad Genius Product Image
17 Soccer On Sunday Soccer On Sunday Product Image
18 Buffalo Before Breakfast Buffalo Before Breakfast Product Image

Awesome book. Should be 1 or at least in the top 5.

19 Viking Ships at Sunrise Viking Ships at Sunrise Product Image
20 High Tide In Hawaii High Tide In Hawaii Product Image
21 Hour of the Olympics Hour of the Olympics Product Image
22 Christmas In Camelot Christmas In Camelot Product Image
23 Thanksgiving On Thursday Thanksgiving On Thursday Product Image
24 Tonight On the Titanic Tonight On the Titanic Product Image
25 Good Morning, Gorillas Good Morning, Gorillas Product Image
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