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1 Ya Nabi Salam Alayka

Best of Maher zain song all times. I love this song. So nice it. Very Beautiful and good song every year's. Greatest hits song and greatest lyrics. Top 1

Best Islamic song and very very greatest lyrics. I love this song every day. Top one all times and greatest hits song every year's. Very Too much best and nice one it.

Official best Maher zain top ten songs : 1 Ya Nabi Salam Alayka. 2 Freedom. 3 Allahi Allah Kiya Karo. 4 I Believe. 5 Forgive Me. 6 Ramadan. 7 This Worldly Life. 8 Kun Rahma. 9 Love Will Prevail. 10 Sameh.

I so much love this song, I listen to to it everyday and still don't get enough for it. Asalamualeikum

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2 Allahi Allah Kiya Karo

I really like it

Who's watching this during ramadan I am loves this song.I believe Allah is important more than anything.If you agree with me please give me a like.

I love him I have no words about his voice

Proud to be ummot of muhammad (s)...
This naat (vocals only) is better than musical instruments naat.

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3 Hold My Hand

Not good song

Too beautiful, no one can compare with Maher Zain Naz

Great lyrics and so meaningfull - belarbi

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4 Freedom

Best song. Very too much good beautiful and very very nice one song. Very too much great song.

Best Islamic song all times. I love and like it. So nice one. Very Too much best song every year's. Greatest song it.

Greatest Islamic hits song every year. I love It all times. Very too much good. Very too much nice one song it. Freedom is best song every days.

Am from Uganda (Africa) ad I I can c our dream getting closer and closer ad indeed we are almost there I just pray that Maher zain pays a visit at least once

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5 I Believe

Greatest Islamic hits song one it. It's the super hits song every day. I love this song. Wow so nice one and very very good one.

Greatest Islamic Song

Best of Maher Zain SONG. TOP 4

I m a bigger fen

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6 Insha Allah


Insha Allah 0%

51 Insha Allah

The song that lifts your spirit and your believe in Allah at once whenevee you are feeling down..

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7 Baraka Allahu Lakuma

What a your boobs♡.

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8 Palestine Will Be Free

This song real touch one feelings and emotions.

Thank you maher zain from Palestine. One day Palestine will be free.Yes we will be free inshalah.

Awesome song
makes me happy

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9 Ramadan

Best song every year. I love it. Greatest hits song and best song all times

Best of Maher zain song every year. I love and like it. Very too much good and nice.

Best song. I love and like Ramadan. Very Too much good and nice and very very beautiful song all times. Super hits song every time.

Best and good song all time

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10 Forgive Me

Very good and nice one. Very too much good. Very beautiful song all times. I love it every time. Best Islamic song all times.

Best song and greatest lyrics and very very nice song all times Greatest hits song. And like it. This Islamic song.


Best song of Maher zain song. I love and like it. So nice one and very very great song every day and greatest lyrics and super hits song.

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11 Love Will Prevail


I love this song and very very cool song. Best song every year.

Islamic singer song it

Top of the list. Best song.

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12 This Worldly Life

Very good and nice and very very best song. I love and like it every time. Greatest hits song every year. This the top two.

Super hit song it all time and this the best song. Very too much Top.

Very nice


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13 Kun Rahma

Nice song

Best song every year and very very good song. Best Islamic song. I love this song and this song top five.

The only best song. Great song and top 3.

Best and good

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14 For the Rest of My Life

Sick song, its literally every brides entrance song

I love this song no matter how many times I listen it

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15 Thank You Allah

I love his voice

This album is my favriot for ever I loveee it

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16 Sameh

It's the best song every day and night.

Best song every year

Very good and the best of Maher

Maher zain best song

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17 Number One for Me

Every mother love her child. Mother is best and Maher zain is good.The lyrics awesome and nice video song.

It is the best

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18 I Love You So

Good lyrics...

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19 Radhitu Billahi Rabba

Nice one and best song...

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20 Medina

Good lyrics and song it all time

I love this song all time.

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21 Guide Me All the Way

Best and good song it all time.

Free hit

IT SHOULD BE number 1

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22 Open Your Eyes

The melody is so nice and the message is touching

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23 The Chosen One

best song

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24 Mawlaya

Wow best lyrics and best song.

Mashallah maher zain

Best song it

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25 Assalamu Alayka

Maher Zain's best song

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26 Peace Be Upon You

Very nice one

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27 Good Day

Best and good

I love all his songs

Fine song it

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28 Always Be There UListen to Sample
29 Alek Salla Allah
30 My Little Girl UListen to Sample
31 Rabbee Yebarik UListen to Sample
32 So Real UListen to Sample
33 Close to You UListen to Sample
34 The Way of Love UListen to Sample
35 Muhammad UListen to Sample
36 Ummati UListen to Sample
37 Tadroon UListen to Sample
38 Subhana Allah UListen to Sample
39 Paradise UListen to Sample
40 Awaken UListen to Sample
41 Masha Allah UListen to Sample
42 Assubhu Bada UListen to Sample
43 Howa el Quran
44 So Soon UListen to Sample
45 Jannah UListen to Sample
46 The Power UListen to Sample
47 True Love UListen to Sample
48 Allah Ya Moulana UListen to Sample
49 By My Side UListen to Sample
50 Let It Go UListen to Sample
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