Top Ten Main Gods of Hinduism

The Top Ten

1 Shiva

I am lucky I Hindu

He is god of everything.

Hinduism is number 1

I like lord Shiva

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2 Vishnu

Actually all are one. But God Vishnu is my favourite form.

Lord Vishnu is full in all thinks just like beauty intelligence name-fem knowledge wealth and renunciation

Lord Vishnu always ready to assist us and uphold righteousness in the world

He is the god who saved us from demons like Ravana, Kansh, Hirnyakashpu etc.He is great.

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3 Ganesha

Lord Ganesha removes all obstacles and bestows wisdom upon his devotees

The God with elephant head the eldest son of God shiva the first of five, he is actually more powerful that shiva himself.Ten avatars more important than Vishnu because Vishnu and Shiva won't be the same as Ganesha. He is the best in the world the most worshipped God in the world and that is it

Jai shiv shankar ki

4 Brahma

The Brahma is the best!

He is not prayed to so this is not true

5 Surya/Vivasvat
6 Agni
7 Krishna

Lord Krishna, thank you for everything you have given me and the world!

Shri Krishna I love you my darling

Lord Krishna is love incarnate.

He is the best

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8 Hanuman

Lord Hanuman is the embodiment of pure devotion. He protects and inspires us all

9 Soma/Chandra
10 Indra/Sakra

The Contenders

11 Durga

Worship her with faith

Love Durga Ma

12 Saraswati

Saraswati is the goddess, of wisdom, the aid of creation, and the patroness of the arts.

Bestows all knowledge and skill. Pray to her for spiritual wisdom.

Saraswati is knowledgeable and peaceful. She's inspiring

13 Vayu/Anila
14 Shani

Shani Dec should be placed at 5th.

So lame top ten Dhabi should be in top ten he is stronger than surya yama hanuman and many others

15 Sai Baba of Shirdi

What he is not at all god and Hindu too

I love sai baba

16 Kali

Mother Kali is ultimate source of all. Divine mother

17 Yama Raja

Please yam raja free me from this life and give me mukti and moksha as fast as possible

18 Swaminarayan

Swaminarayan God Is Supreme Power

19 Ayyappa
20 Shamshan Kali
21 Lakshmi

Goddess of abundance. Abundant wealth, health, knowledge, goodness and prosperity.

22 Rama

Lord Ram is the ideal son, brother, man, husband, king. He shows us correct behavior and how to follow and uphold dharma

23 Sita

Sita is ideal wife and mother. Embodies purity and goodness

24 Dhanwantari

God of health, healing, well-being and medicine.

25 Usha

Vedic Goddess of the dawn

26 Ganga

Ganga, mother river goddess. Purifies, and cares for all needs of devotees

27 Mahavira
28 Mayashakti
29 Annapurna

Who doesn't like food?

30 Shakti

The power/goddess that encompasses all living things.

31 Kartikeya
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