Top Ten Best Mainstream Mario Games

If we'd to be excluding all the spin-off mario games out there such as Mario Kart, Mario Party, etc, what are the best mario games out there? Check this list out to find out. The mainstream mario games are the mario games that actually have a story and worlds and stuff. So basically the main mario series and the RPG's are the games worthy of being on this list. With that being said, here's the list.

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1 Super Mario Odyssey

The definitive Mario experience. - EvanWellens

I agree. It's such a shame you can never enjoy this game as much as your first time playing this game, which is sad, and makes this game extra nostalgic for me - darthvadern

This game rightfully deserves 1st place.

Hands down the best mario platformer of all time. The best in the main series. It's such a unique and creative video game that is so nostalgic. The only big flaw is that once you complete it, it lacks replay-value unfortuanely and can only be enjoyed the first time really. - darthvadern

Super Mario 64 feelings. It's awesome. Hopefully we get more 3d Mario games. - codgtamk34

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2 Super Mario 64

It's quite overrated but I love it. It was the first main series mario title I ever saw on youtube which makes it a bit special for me but I can see the many flaws nevertheless - darthvadern

It was the first Mario game I've ever played. - codgtamk34

I think it’s slightly overrated. It’s still a good game but I feel like a lot of people are blinded by nostalgia - Randomator

3 Super Mario World

This is the Masterpiece before Mario 64 (why is that also not higher) and is really underrated

My personal favourite 2D mario game. The graphics hold up even to this day, but that's not surprising considering the amazing graphics the SNES had after all. Music and levels are all memorable and while the boss battles are the koopalings, it's not a big deal. At least Bowser's fight is one of the best so this will stay here. - darthvadern

Not huge mario fan, but this game is just awesome! you need to play it! - EzP2

The Best 2D Mario Game of all time don’t @ me - Randomator

4 Super Mario Bros 3

Should be much higher in my opinion. Even though it's painfully hard. - RobertWisdom

It's not as good as World but it's just slightly worse - darthvadern

Why is the pic from the cartoon - myusernameisthis

A close 2nd to best 2D Mario - Randomator

5 Super Mario Galaxy 2

Galaxy 2 is overall better than the first one. Fixed nearly everything wrong with the original only flaw is that the hub world sucks - Randomator

I love both Galaxy games but I mean this one easly is superior. Improved everything wrong with the original, and it's more colourful and the galaxies are even more interesting and fun. The music is the only thing this game did worse but it's still great. And yes the hub was much better in the original but those are the only things Galaxy did better. This is still the better game of the two. - darthvadern

6 Super Mario Galaxy

I actually played the sequel before this, and because of this, I could see the many flaws that held this game back from beating the sequel. But this game's still fairly excellent I must say and it's one of the greatest mario games of all time. - darthvadern

Arguably one of the most interesting and innovative games in the series. Although the sequel still slightly beats it - Randomator

The music in this game makes me cry. - EvanWellens

Halo: Reach has some real beautiful
Music too, but it never made me sob, although a lot of events in the game did. - EvanWellens

Only Wii game I would revisit. - codgtamk34

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7 Super Mario Sunshine

I got this game quite recently, for my birthday last year in 2018. It wasn't as good as I had hoped but it's the most original mario platformer in my opinion. Loved all the worlds and settings, the story is a bit more original and the fludd is a blast. However the music isn't the best, and the controls and camera plain suck. However I still find it to be great personally - darthvadern

Had fun with this one. - codgtamk34

Some may find it overrated, but I personally feel that this game is underrated. Sunshine has it's fair share of flaws and is FAR from a perfect game, but the way Mario controls, the atmosphere, the attempt at a story, the music, and F.L.U.D.D make this game MORE than worthing playing. Most Mario games are pretty familiar with their levels, but Super Mario Sunshine has it's own identity, and it's great. It gives you that warm, feeling of summer every time thanks to the beautiful graphics and water. I don't think I've seen prettier water in a video game. Not all the levels are great, but they're all super creative which is something the most recent Mario games like New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe certainly can't say. If you can look past the glitches and a few frustrating levels you got one of the best Mario games of all time. - EvanWellens

It’s so unique and fun and underrated - Randomator

8 Super Mario Bros.

You know you've created a work of art if it's still fun over 35 years later. - EvanWellens

A classic! Although the SNES version I love even more - darthvadern

9 Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

Yes I've now played this game a bit. Although not much. I got it for Easter in 2019 recently and I've started out this game and beat the intro and stuff and I really love it. However Dream Team seems better overall so far. But this game's just so original nevertheless and it might beat Dream Team when I beat this game. - darthvadern

10 Super Paper Mario

As you all might know this is, my favourite mario game of all time, and my personal second favourite video game of all time, close to beating my #1 favourite video game of all time. I feel quite lucky that I found a cheap copy of this game, as for Easter it's usually small gifts or maybe one sorta expensive one (unless you're lucky). The story and everything is just so well-done and original and it's one of, if not the scariest and creepiest mario games out there. So this one tops the list in my opinion. - darthvadern

This is also a spin-off - myusernameisthis

Paper Mario takes place in an alternate universe of the rest of the games, therefore, it is a spin-off. - myusernameisthis

The Contenders

11 Paper Mario

My favorite game. - myusernameisthis

12 Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

I've played all Mario & Luigi games excluding Partner's in Time, and I must say, this one's my favourite so far. This one's just so original and creative words cannot describe it. It's one of the top three mario games of all time as well honestly. All the worlds and the dream concept is just so original. Sorry BiS fans, but so far I like this one more. - darthvadern

I've played Partners in Time, and you gotta check it out too. It's a blast. - EvanWellens

This is a spin-off - myusernameisthis

13 Super Mario 3D World

Super Mario 3D World is an amazing experience to share with others. I played it with my brother and my dad an we loved it. However as a solo experience I find it not very memorable, most levels, aside from a few of the boss stages and the final world, are forgettable at best. It's still a good game, but their are better Mario games out there. - EvanWellens

Although somewhat boring and unoriginal with its linear gameplay that includes a d*mn timer you can't deny the levels themselves are excellently designed and hold loads of originality. The jazz music is pretty good too I must say, the best song is Simmering Lava Lake by a mile in my opinion. The roster is decent too I must say. - darthvadern

14 Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Unlike pretty much everyone else, I think Super Paper Mario is overall better, and not just slighty. I mean like MILES better. In fact I don't even think this game is as good as everyone says it is. However this game is still great in its own right. The story is amazing and very original and the battle system while not even that good is original as well. It will take the #8 spot on this list. - darthvadern

15 Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

The first Mario & Luigi I ever played..., and by that I mean at the same time I played Dream Team and Paper Jam. But still it counts because I played this one first of these three. And it's not the best, but it has the most replay-value. Yeah for being an RPG game this one has a lot of it. The story is very cool too although somewhat cliché and it has tons of interesting plot-twists that aren't in the way but actually good. This one has the best bros. attacks as well easly. - darthvadern

16 New Super Mario Bros DS

I loved this game. It's all the things a mainstream Mario game should be. - KeyboardHero

One of my all time favorites. This game was my childhood. - PackFan2005

Best Mario game I ever played. - Userguy44

To be honest it's kinda overrated due to how everyone acts as if it's the only good NSMB game, but I like it nevertheless - darthvadern

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17 Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

This is not mainstream in the slightest. However, it's a great game. - EvanWellens

Not mainstream - Maddox121

18 Mario Kart 7

This is a spin-off get it off the list! - myusernameisthis

This is spin-off - darthvadern

Spinoff game - Randomator

19 New Super Mario Bros

My personal favourite NSMB game - darthvadern

20 New Super Mario Bros. U

Actually slightly original - darthvadern

21 Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Spin-off game - darthvadern

22 Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games

This isn't mainstream or a rpg. Why is this here?

Not a main title. It also sucks. - RobertWisdom

This is a spin-off. - myusernameisthis

Spin-off - darthvadern

23 Super Mario 3D Land

Very fun - darthvadern

24 New Super Mario Bros. 2
25 Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam
26 Super Mario Bros. 2
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