Top Ten Best Major Chords in Music

I felt like this list should be made. Major chords are usually the simplest types of chords, and have a very solid sound to them.

The Top Ten

1 E(b) Major

Consisting of an E(b), a G, and a B(b), the E flat major chord is very beautiful! It has this sound of triumphancy and power to it that I love! - Phillip873

2 A(b) Major

Consists of an A(b), C, and a E(b). This chord sounds somewhat similar to the E(b) major chord. I hear this one more in the metal genre and it is great! - Phillip873

3 F Major

Consists of an F, an A, and a C. This chord sounds very heavenly and is beautiful. Mostly seen in orchestras to me. - Phillip873

4 C(#) Major

Consists of a C(#), an F, and a A(b). This chord has somewhat of a jazzy feel to it by itself but can be used in more ways. - Phillip873

5 C Major

Consists of a C, an E, and a G. This chord is pretty much the most played one, as it is very simple, but nice sounding. The scale for it also consists of no sharps or flats at all (unless it is minor) - Phillip873

6 B(b) Major

Consists of a B(b), a D, and an F. - Phillip873

7 D Major

Consists of a D, an F(#), and an A. - Phillip873

8 E Major

Consists of an E, A(b), and a B. - Phillip873

9 F(#) Major

Consists of an F(#), a B(b) and a C(#). - Phillip873

10 B Major

Consists of a B, an E(b), and an F(#). - Phillip873

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