Top Ten Major League Baseball Mascots

The Top Ten

1 Phillie Phanatic

Huge Phillies fan, love the Phanatic, he's like me crazy, loves the phillies, but I'm mot green

I'm not even a Phillies fan and my team has a mascot too.


2 The Oriole Bird

Plays a fiddle during the 7th inning stretch and can dance!

Ace is way better!

When we were at a Indians game he was there, and same with a cardinals game.

He was born to dance

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3 Stomper

He's a ton of fun

4 Mariner Moose

What an awesome thing. Super fun to watch.

5 Lou Seal

This guy rules the bay

6 Wally the Green Monster

Best Mascot ever. He's cool, original, colorful, and has a story to him that follows the ballpark.

Wally is a great and active mascot

He is the best mascot in the mlb 1

Hw is a cool mascot

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7 Billy the Marlin

Billy the Marlin is the best

I like Billy the Marlin

Billy #1

8 Mr. Met

I did not know Mr Met was the first baseball mascot. That's cool. That factors into my vote.

The original mascot. Can't beat the High 4!

He was the first baseball mascot ever

High 4 he's great

9 Bernie Brewer

Home run slide!

He is a classic mascot. Fun to watch

Love his handlebar mustache

10 Paws

He is awesome he isbamazing he is a staple for tiger fans

The Contenders

11 San Diego Chicken

Even better was the previous incarnation, the KGB Chicken.

12 Orbit

Most entertaining mascot.

13 Slider

He is from the cleveland Indians and he rocks

14 Dinger
15 T.C. Bear

Full of energy, gets the fans pumped.

16 Slugger

Go Royals! Go Slugger! - 5ToolPlayers

17 Fredbird
18 Screech
19 Mr. Redlegs
20 Rosie Red
21 Raymond

I love his insanely wild look! He's so funny!

22 Ace
23 Swinging Friar
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