Top Ten Major Record Labels of 2017


The Top Ten

1 Fountain Legacy Studios
2 Warner Bros. Warner Bros.
3 Island/Def Jam
5 Motown
6 Young Money Entertainment
7 Capitol Records

Capitol Records is one of the most widely recognized labels on the planet. Thousands of the top acts throughout music history have found a home on this label, even if only for a short time. They are attributed with some of the biggest acts, and helping to make them household names all around the world, as Capitol has an established track record with making good on their promotion efforts with their up and coming artists. The label stays well above the rest by the successes of their current roster which has artists like Bastille, Dierks Bentley, and Garth Brooks. - TRblogger

8 NGraceRecords

Niyah Grace Aka LaylaSweets Is A New Up Coming Artist. She Is A Singer, Rapper, Dancer & Actress She Has Recently
Created Her new Label NgraceRecords Which Was Founded In 2017 By Niyah Grace.
NGraceRecords Has Now Released The Labels First Album "Grace Edition" Coming Soon - TRblogger

9 Republic Records
10 Columbia Records

Columbia Records is also rather old, but that by no means discredits their ability to still operate one of the greatest record companies in the entire world. They have also made it into the top 5 based on their staying power throughout the years, which has not always been kind to labels or to music sales in general. With a current roster boasting huge artists like Foster The People, Journey, AC/DC, Kings of Leon and Miranda Lambert, the label does not shy away from lasting talents in any of the major or niche genres. - TRblogger

The Contenders

11 Epic Records
12 Atlantic Records
13 Sony Sony Sony Corporation, commonly referred to as Sony, is a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in K┼Źnan Minato, Tokyo, Japan.
14 Roadrunner Records

Warner Brothers also has its hands in the next label that has made the list. Admittedly though this hard rock/metal label was already well established when it was acquired by the record juggernaut WB. The insistence that the label had on signing some of the greatest hard acts to ever take the stage made the label a household name in no time at all. Roadrunner has existed as a label since 1980, though its earlier years were spent spreading North American metal music throughout Europe. Now with talent like Slipknot, Killswitch Engage, The Amity Affliction and Korn, the label is one of the foremost metal/hard rock labels in history. - TRblogger

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