Top 10 Ways to Make Someone Believe you have a Boyfriend

The Top Ten Ways to Make Someone Believe you have a Boyfriend

1 Find a person and introduce him as your bf.

I did that once and at first my buddy didn't believe it until I kept referring to the guy I liked as my bf. - dylan

Uhm if you do that you will look too desperate you know... Like how much are you gonna pay the guy for that... Nothing is cheap these days... Embarassing

2 Find all information about him;name,age,country,city,family,looks
3 Say he broke your heart.

Than He Wouldn't Be A Boyfriend - Oliversky

4 Say you have his e-mail address(which is really yours),go to the friend's home, write from there,go back home and reply.
5 Say he lives to far to visit.
6 Say he's too shy.
7 Say that your afraid that she would love him too.
8 Say that he is pretty but stupid.

She will never believe he's real and perfect. - MissAngel

9 If nothing helps,bribe her too believe.

I did that once and it worked! - MissAngel

10 Do your best and dont stutter,or she will become suspicious.

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11 Flirt with a random guy you think is hot

I did this and next thing I knew the boy actually asked me out!

12 Kiss a guy
13 Talk to a guy, let him hug and kiss you
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