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Jeon Jung kook was born in Busan, September 1 1997. His nationality is South Korean. HIs favorite number is 1. He is known as a South Korean idol singer, singer-songwriter, dancer, composer and producer. JK Favorite color is Red, Black, and White. He think express color of Hip Hop is Black and Red. ...read more.


Jungkook is younger than most of the maknaes here, yet he manages to be the true Golden Maknae as he is lovable in many aspects.

Firstly, his personality is simply breathtaking. He is a passionate, hardworking, and dedicated young man. He's charming with his innocent naivety and initial shyness, but becomes the type of friend you dream of when you get close to him, like an already gorgeous flower gradually blooming into its full beauty. Our sweet Jungkook enjoys teasing his hyungs but deep inside he truly loves and cares for them, making him more fun to get to know and be with. He is a walking paradox of a cutie and a manly man who overflows with independence and individualism, but that doesn't stop him from wanting to help others.

Secondly, his talents are enough to make anyone jealous. Not only is he godly at singing, but he is stunning as a dancer as well! Not to mention his talents in rapping, playing the drums, shooting darts, memorization, drawing, and much, much ...more

Jungkook seems to be good at everything, never fails to impress with his talents of dancing, rapping, and singing. he is also CUTE AND GOOD LOOKING, respectful and younger than the majority of the other maknaes on this list! HE IS NUMBER 1

Jungkook should have been placed first! Why am I feeling like there was favoritism when you did this list? You know I'm right! Jungkook is so gifted with undeniable talent and he is only 17 years old! Imagine him five years from now! He is already a powerhouse! I guarantee you he will never be placed at #17!

Jeon Jungkook has so much talent in him. It's hard to believe he's so young with a voice of an angel and graceful steps in his dancing. He also raps amazingly. He's very hardworking, and even though he's gorgeous, he wants his "charming voice" to be what people notice. He certainly was the first kpop guy to catch my attention. He deserves to be in the top three. This golden maknae knows so much for his age, and works so hard at more than his triple threat singing, rapping, and dancing.

The true Golden Maknae! There's no Maknae as perfect as Jeon Jungkook kekekeke. Kidding. But seriously, he's got a multitude of charms. He can be squishy, bright and hilarious one minute, then sexy, serious and determined the next. His shyness in unfamiliar situations just makes you want to squeeze him and pinch his cheeks, but he's one of the most playful members and he never backs down from a challenge. He's an amazing singer, whose vocal talents far exceed his age. Add to that, the fact that he can kill at dancing and can rap too? He's certainly a triple threat. Like Shinee's Taemin, he's the darling among his Hyungs. He could get away with murder in that group. His young age, has meant he's been protected and spoiled ridiculously by his Hyungs but we all love it. There's never an opportunity that they don't push him into the spotlight and brag about him about their Golden Maknae. We can all see why...

Jungkook is a very talented and amazing young man. He always respects the other members and genuinely cares about other people. Jungkook is passionate about what he does and works to his full potential throughout training. His personality in unique, as he has an awkward charm that makes him lovable, he is overflowing with passion and a great human being. That's why I think Jungkook is the best Maknae!

Jungkook is good looking, but before that he has awesome talents and he has a thing where it just grabs attentions. He has this kind of aura where other people can't hate him. Although I don't really know much of him as a person, ( other than he is an idol that I adore ), I could guess that he's a person who is very shy and thinks a lot of others first than him. He does play around with his hyungs a lot but I know that he's just doing it for fun and there is no other meaning for it.

Jungkook is really a sweet boy. He is respectful and kind of shy in front of camera but he still gives his best on performances. He is so respectful towards his hyungs even though he is playful with them (like every maknae). Jungkook has that little something that others don't have. He is so talented in everything that is artistic, he is the best singer in BTS ( don't say "no" because it's obvious that he has that incredible stability that others don't have, even if others' voices are beautiful, he is the one that enhanced their voices), he also can rap, he is a very good dancer, he can draw... And he's also really really really attractive. I think that for all of those reason, he's the best maknae.

First Time I saw him I was frozen because he is so HANDSOME he has a cool aura that makes him charismatic that can attract females audience

Jungkook very talented and cute

He is great at pretty much everything other than math. He is modest. He is amazing at what he does even at his young age (I'm still saying this even though I'm younger than him) and well actually I'll end here else I'll go into a rant.

Jungkook you killing me for real everyday I'm in love with your dance and you got the killer voice, you're the most handsome guy that I ever seen...jungkook you got so many talented...keep on going kookie love you as always.

Jungkook is absolutely the best maknae from what I've seen. He's literally perfect, anything you can ask for; he can sing, dance, rap etc. His personality his amazing, he has that determination all the time to do his best to make his fans happy. He's really caring towards us and the other members, he's the young boy who puts a huge smile on our faces for being dorky or cute!

When I watched BTS We are Bulletproof, the first member that catches my eyes is Jungkook. He is so cute, so good looking. When I read BTS biography Jungkook is the youngest 16 year old, so young yet so talented. I think he is the main visual of the group. He's now my fave alongside Jin & V. BTS is my new best dance group in K-pop. They really dances well. I am officially their fan. I am an ARMY. BTS, fighting!

Jungkook is so nice kpop I love him because he so funny and lovely friends he's talent is so nice I love his voice

Jungkook is called the golden maknae for a reason! He has amazing and powerful dancing skills, he has an ultra smooth and mellow voice, he has good looks and he can even rap! He can literally fit his voice into every genre, because that's how fluid and talented he is. If you listen to his covers or his parts in BTS's songs, you will definitely see what I mean.

He is so Handsome, Cute, the best singer, amazing dancer at the age of 16. woah! I love you so much JUNGKOOK

Jungkook should be in the top at least he is so young but so talented. He can sing, rap, dance and is a visual. I don't think he should be ranked the 17th. He deserves a higher ranking

Ah, KOOKIE KOOKIE KOOKIE... He's adorable! An amazing singer and dancer! He is so cute when he is around girls because he's super shy. He's good at everything he does and has a passion for it as well.

I Love Kookie because his just so adorable, handsome, and a very good dancer... I Just love him because his just so damn cute!

He is a talented young man + adorable + crazy. He got every characteristic of a kpop idol jungkook fighting!

HE IS THE MOST CUTEST MOST AMAZING PERSON EVER! Anybody who hates him doesn't know anything! I could carry on going going about how amazing he is forever!

Jungkook is really a good artist... He is also good at singing and dancing! We love you JUNGKOOK!

Jung kook is full of talents and actually he should be the top 1 because there's nothing he can do and I'm sure that the other can't beat jungkook's talent...I really like jungkook and I also watch everyday and I just stop watching if I'm sleepy...Please vote for our golden maknae...GO JUNGKOOK

Jungkook is very talented, that much is true. I love BTS, I've been an ARMY for a while and they are certainly my bias group. However, I feel that he gets TOO much attention for the group. He sings most of the vocals in every song (even though I think the other vocalists are better singers), raps in the songs sometimes (honestly, he's not a great rapper, even though I'll give him credit for trying.), is in the front of most of the dances (though Jimin and J-Hope are the dancers... wyd bighit? ), and is promoted the most. No matter how promoted he is, he's certainly not the most talented maknae out there, and so I was glad not to see him at the top of this list. I love Jungkook, yeah, but there are more maknaes out there that deserve some attention too.