Kim Hyung Jun - SS501


I can't describe how much we love him, Kim Hyung Jun of SS501... Is our forever Baby Magnae~ &
He's handsome, cool, and multi-talented Idol...
He's... Will be the youngest in SS501 forever, no one can replace him. &
Kim Hyung Jun... LOVE Ya! FIGHTING! We're always supporting you

He's really talented. An excellent singer, dancer and now an actor. He already proves so much, what else can you ask for. Even SS501 members find Kim Hyung Jun so cute and fun to be with. He also has a kind heart.

He is really cute, cheer up the group and he always has a smile in his face... The others SS501 members always play with him and make so many funny jokes... KIM HYUNG JUN fighting! SS501 FANS AND YOUR FANS ARE ALWAYS SUPPORTING YOU!

I have followed many famous k-pop groups since 2005.. Among all the maknaes.. I only have my eyes for Baby Jun... He's simply awesome with many talents in entertainment fields and even in his private life...

The reason why he deserve to be the best maknae of k-pop groups it's very simple... He is perfect!, handsome, a really great dancer, have a great voice, he raps very well and also is the youngest member of SS501, he is our little, cute and perfect BABY!... FIGHTING! :D SS501, Five like one forever!

My English is not good, so I will just say that he is perfect, is handsome, a good dancer, one of the vocalist in the group, good rapper, cute & I love his facial expression

Hyung jun is just so cute! He looks manly during the MVs but when he isn't being filmed like that you can really see how he got the nickname "baby" (aside from his maknae status) I love the love/hate relationship between Hyung jun and Jung min! It makes me laugh when they always pick on him.
I have wanted to see his acting for a while and when I get the chance to I will definitely check it out.

Thanks oppa... For I have known you in your group (ss501), drama, internet, youtube but still I appraise you, on what you've done.. I've researched about your background... And always think that hope I can really see you in personal... Even he will be coming 25 years old but still had a cute and baby face..

The perfect idol that ever fits the ideal k-pop maknae! Outstanding beauty, baby-like antics, friendly/outgoing person, doting son and yet full of talents:dj, mc, acting, dancing,.. Superb live singing voice.. I love you baby Jun!

Amazing voice, face and personality.. To all maknae out there.. No matter how popular you are.., please learn how to treat your fan well... There are plenty of fancam videos showing how well Kim Hyung Jun treated his fans nicely and friendly.. That's how you should treat your fans.. Watch and learn guys.. Watch and learn...

There are reasons why he is called SS501 Baby over the years.. Just watch SS501's and Kim Hyung Jun reality programmes like "Thank you for waking me up" and "Kim Hyung Jun Becomes a Progamer".. Even their leader called him baby junnie... One will understand why he should be hailed as the ultimate baby/maknae.. Baby hyung jun fighting!

He has a good balance in everything that an idol should have... A good manner, cute aegyo, friendly nature, amazing singing voice, flawless skin, various talents/skills in entertainment... He even have a cute younger brother.. I just love him to bits...

He may not the most popular maknae these days.. But he's one of the personality which fits the term maknae/baby definition so perfectly through his natural acts and physical appearance on/off screen. Even his actual real friends and people around him tends to called him baby Jun. A true maknae in real life indeed but an awesome one too.. Amazing live singing voice, flawless skin, notable acting skill, natural talent of a radio DJ/T.V. host, good sportmanship, treat fans nicely and sweet, a good business man... Simply loved by everyone around him...

Perfect maknae description... Baby-like behavior, mood maker, friendly, natural aegyo, handsomely cute, flawless milky skin, love to get bobo from his hyungs and try to give them.. , loved/bullied by his hyungs, awesome live singing voice, surprisingly good acting skill... A best of all very kind and nice to his fans... I love you baby Jun!

I'm from Africa. The person who first attracted me to ss501 is kim hyun joong. But when I started watching a lot of their videos, I think kim hyung jun is great. He's really cute

He should be ranked higher... Awesome singing, dancing, facial expressions, acting (watch Glowing She), rapper, cute, funny, innocent looks, handsome.. He's everything a maknae should be... He's one of the first maknae's who literally kicked down the walls to expand k-pop internationally..

Very talented and ambitious maknae.. He had proved that through consistent effort and experiences, he's able to succeed in various entertainment fields.. Singer, DJ, host, drama actor and coming soon movie actor.. Kim Hyung Jun deserved to be the top maknae in the K-pop industry..

He is cute adorable funny innocent sweet... Above all he has a loving heart with pure love and care to his members and anybody around him. His charming smile can take your heart away in just a second. Most of the time he gets into cute fights with Jung Min which is so funny to watch. He gives such cute expression when the members bully him just like a baby (the name suits him the most). and I love his voice which itself has a charm. He is the perfect maknae I have seen in any boy group... JUNNIE I LOVE YOU...

He's funny and cute I love Hyung Jun so much and his voice really sweet and sometimes he's ridiculous, but I love him. For me till whenever he is the magnae in the group SS501

I love his dorky/goofy personality off screen behind that handsome face of his... Simply humane yet so addicting.

I become a fan of SS501 only recently in 2011 but oddly enough though they're in diff. Talent agency now, I've glued to them ever since though I've followed new generation of K-pop idols before.. Nothing compares my love to SS501 especially their adorable maknae... Kim Hyung Jun, I'll always support you.. The best maknae indeed...

A good example of maknae with good manners, hardworking attitude in various entertainment fields... He even wrote his own songs.. Not to forget a CEO and a soccer team leader... Such charisma behind that cute face of his... I love you baby!

I love how he treated his fans.. Very nice and kind, I love his live singing voice and his endless charisma in everything he does.. Dj, mc, acting, soccer team leader, progamer leader.. Simply fabulous.. SS501's maknae is simply amazing!

Love his voice. Sometimes mischievous kid in a way that you will love him more... You will be our forever maknae...

He has the best nickname around the world BABY. Also he is one of the five best in the business! SS501 & Triple S Forever As One!