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Respectful with his hyungs, handsome, excellent rap singer and really, really funny! The perfect maknae's personality and looks!

His really cute and handsome, I love his dorkiness. When you listen his rap parts there are really amazing. He loves his hyungs and he seems real, he has a great personality.

Perhaps one of the most adorable maknaes out there. From his 9 mountains to his farming skills, the boy is very odd and entertaining. Hwaiting Mir! ~

Very handsome and excellent rap singer and have many jokes

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22 Sungjong - Infinite

Sungjong is definitely the best - he is gorgeous inside out. Not only does he have good looks and total aegyo, he is also warm-hearted and has a great friendly personality. He spares thoughts of other people, and does not simply just care about himself. Besides, he is also a boy who has the pretty boy looks, causing envy of girls all over the world. He's a diva, loving to learn girl group dances and executing them during variety shows. Adorable maknae of Infinite definitely deserves to be the best maknae ever.

Because I'm an inspirit. That's why! And he's such a cutie and he knows girl groups dances! And let's not to forget he is so pretty!

Sungjong is so cute and beautiful. He loves to dance and is always entertaining to watch and listen to when he does covers of girl group songs and dances. I wish they'd give him more parts to sing because his voice is so beautiful. Though he is feminine he also is sure of himself in his masculinity. He treats his fans so well and is considerate of others.

Best MAKNAE ever! Lemon Candy Boy

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23 Luhan - EXO M Luhan - EXO M

Luhan is like an angel and he is really handsome

Luhan he is a very cute deer I love how he sings and he has a great voice I can't believe he is in number 37

Luhan is very funny, mischievious and very handsome. He can sing and dance and look cool and handsome at the same time!

I love you LUhan, He's Cute Po!

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24 Minho - SHINee

His smile! Voice, he can dance! Rap! EVERYTHING

Minho such a good. He is tall and good looking.. Ithink everyone will fal in love after see minho... I hope minho can be more talented at the next time

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25 Amber - f(x)

She's really great!
She can dance.
She can sing
She can rap.
She can dance.
She's perfect.
And her boyish look also adds to her charms.

Dude I love Amber. She makes me question my sexuality sometimes... Seriously though Amber is the bomb. Her interactions with Ailee and Eric Nam give me life. Her hair gives me life. Basically Amber gives me life.

I just love Amber, definitely because of her style and amazing personality.

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26 Sulli - f(x)

Beautiful in every way, and can do anything she puts, her heart and mind too.

She's the most cutest and lovely girl in f (x)...
She has a natural beauty and talented..
MinSull forever!

Cute, Funny, good sense of humor, and same age like f (x) krstal
And very talented in acting, dancing, singing etc.

She is the most kind-hearted

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27 Yugyeom - Got7

Yugyeom he is very talented and I love how him and BAM BAM are very close their so cute and perfection please keep up the effort and doing what you doing

He's very cool. Cute, talented, nice

He dances very well, and I like his cute smile.

I like the way he and JR came up some dance steps in their songs. He is Talented

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28 Gongchan - B1A4

Talk about an aegyo PRINCE! Even though B1A4's current concept is more mature... Channie is still the cutesy thing I've ever seen!

I think he's one of the most cutiest maknaes among all kpop groups

Gongchan is the cutest maknae ever. His new hairstyle also makes him so handsome and macho! With that hairstyle, he also looks very mature!

I love gongchan! He's cute

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29 Hyuk - VIXX

He really doesn't get as much attention as he deserves in my opinion. His voice is really beautiful, he can play piano, his aegyo will really make you want to do anything for him, and at the same time his charisma will make you faint. Ugh, he's really so precious. Hyukie FIGHTING!

He is adorable. without him vixx is incomplete

Hyuk is so cute and adorable. He is the one that made me more interested in VIXX.

Hyuk is such a lovable, beautifully crafted. He's adorable without trying, his voice gives me chills and he's such an ass to his elders. I love Hyogi so much.

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30 Mark Tuan - Got7

True he really looks cute shy and even fragile well til he speak

His voice his style! Nice funny and HANDSOME

Mark is the Oldest in group. How can he be in the maknae's category. Just telling the truth. Truthfully, I'm an I got7 but Mark should not be here.

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31 Hayoung - a Pink

Apink fighting! Much love from Nepal

Because in A Pink news, her stuffed animal was named "Gamja" (Potato)

I REALLY2 LOVE SHE VERY VERY MUCH! She is the most beautiful and the prettiest in Apink. She also can dence but she don"T have many line! OH HAYOUNG SARANGHAE! Hope I can meet you in the future! I ship you with Oh SEhun so hard!

Her body, he voice, PERFECT.

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32 Yoona - Girls' Generation

I love yoona personality and she's beautiful!

She's pretty and a good model, actress, singer, and also she's good in her look

Yoona although not the youngest, but the nature and face that makes people who are new to SNSD thinks that she is SNSD's maknae

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33 G-Dragon - Big Bang

He is a very, very intelligent young man. he has a great business and artistic sense. He is handsome and real, he doesn't pretend to be anyone but himself. He is BigBang!

His style voice fashion He's him self. He is everything a girl would look for

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The most charismatic bassist ever!

The Aegyo King in CN BLUE! :) very close to all his hyungs! Though described as Untouchable, but he is actually the funniest and the peace maker in the group! :) The most unique and extraordinary maknae and bassist ever! His million-dollar smile lights up everyone's day instantaneously!

You're the best jung shin go go go CN BLUE jung shin do your best
You bguys were totally cool

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35 Yook Sungjae - BtoB

Sungjae, he's awesome. So talented. For me, he surpassed his hyungs. Omygad. I mean. He's so darn cute with lots and tons of talent. Haha. By the way, I ship Peniel and Sungjae couple (fanmade. Ok? :3)

Sungjae got everything... He just so talented.. He can sing very well, dance, doing rap, being an MC, good in variety shows n acting, besides he is he most good looking idols I ever saw... He just too perfect even with btob member... Anyways... I love all BTOB member.. And in love with the maknae... BTOB aja.. Aja.. Fighting..

Sung jae is an idol who just like a one stop shopping mall. He got everything in him. Talented, both as singer an actor. Want to see him more..

Very cute and tall. That's all I can say.

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36 Dasom - Sistar

She is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.

She's very beautiful and so sexy..

Dasom, you should try to make Sistar famous because you are the prettiest of Korean idols.

Dasom try your best

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37 Jung Yong-Hwa - CNblue

Best of the Best!

His voice just make me fly

38 Maru - C-Clown
39 J-Da - EvoL V 1 Comment
40 Sohyun - 4minute

She a cute maknae forever,. She a good dancer and rapper esp at 'huh'

Sohyun is such a cute maknae. Her dancing is wonderful, with sexy and lovely moves that makes her such a loving person. I really like her!

She is really good at dancing and rapping.

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