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81 Yuri - SNSD

She's the blackpearl... She so awesome

Yeah but wait,Seohyun is the maknae! - VirginiaisforME

82 Hwasa - Mamamoo

Really sexy and sassy. I don't think anyone would guess that she is the maknae with first glance. I would love to see hwasa doing jazz & rock. Her voice is made for it - Chatsa2

83 Bok Eun - E-7
84 Yooyoung - Hello Venus
85 Junghwa - Exid
86 Heo Young-Ji - Kara V 1 Comment
87 Yejun - F.CUZ

He is the most talented and the most handsome idol. I love him

88 Black - Twi-Light
89 Beat - Excite
90 Samuel - Seventeen

-he's so talented for such a young age!
Absolutely Adorable! Everyone has to love him!

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91 Hyewon - F-ve Dolls

I think she is the prettiest girl in f-ve dolls!
Her vocals is good
She is the lead dancer,
Lead rapper,
And the visual!

92 Hyunyoung - Rainbow

So cute, so beautiful and talented.

One of the most cute maknaes out there, she is one of the most underrated vocalists in an underrated group! Hope she gets some spotlight in the future. rainbow hwaiting!

93 Bohyung - SPICA

Another excellent vocalist in an underrated group! She is also one of the most pretty in her group! I actually thought she was the leader when I first saw her! Hope 'You Don't Love Me' sends her and her group to the top!

Such soulful vocals. I would say the best in her already vocally talented group - Chatsa2

She outsings all the maknaes above and below

94 Woojoo - Wa$$up

She's beautiful, talented and very humble!

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95 Leo - VIXX

Leo is not like the other members. He's very calm and doesn't show much emotion. He loves to hang around his group and he's also lead vocals along with Ken. I love him so much. Even when he doesn't do anything. He looks so cute when he smiles and laughs because it's a little rare to see him do those things. We love you Leo. Keep doing what you do.

So sweet and talented. Although very shy, that's the reason why we love you. Keep smiling oppa.

In my opinion, Leo has the talent of dancing. Leo and N should be partners in making those dance moves.

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96 Hyomin - T-ara
97 Zico - Block B

Zii-ah-ko! P
Man I love this mofo! He's adorable, no matter what any of y'all say, specially in "Freeze! " :) It's cute that he has a thing for Hello Kitty. :P

98 Kim Yugyeom - GOT7

Yugyeom is the Maknae of Got7. He maybe the youngest, but he's the tallest of the group. He loves to play with the other members and enjoys their company. He also gets bullied a lot by Jr, but that's how they show each other love.

What can I say? He may be the tallest, but he's like a teddy bear! He's adorable~!

99 Kanghyun - TOUCH
100 Minha - Nine Muses
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