Seohyun is the epitome of a perfect maknae. The ideal manifestation of a perfectly flawless maknae in the K-Pop world, she displays an essence of innocence and purity as well as vitality while also maintaining a youthful appearance backed up by her mannerisms that distinguishes her from not only other maknaes but other individuals as well. Seohyun knows how to project this image the best out of all other K-Pop idols as it truly is the real her. Seohyun knows how to respect elders and best of all, herself; she does not allow boys, alcohol, money and or other temptations to lure her and lead her astray from her goals, she is extremely goal oriented and willful, standing up for what she believes is right. Because of all these reasons and more, Seo JooHyun deserves the right to be the 'Best Maknae'.

SEOHYUN should have a star in the hollywood walk of fame, why? Because even with the fame she has managed to remain true to herself. SHE HAS: the voice strong an any song she is in, dance (have you seen this girl move! ), face of angel (strong heart-attempt at a wink), character, funny? (surprisingly yes in an awkward sense, role-model (pshh. That's a given she wants to be a diplomat, never hit or yelled at her unnies, never speaks banamal to anyone older than her no matter how close she is, and eats healthy what better role model is there) This girl is one of a kind just like the rest of her unnies.

Seohyun is pure. In a group of 9 girls, she has her own spotlight. She dedicates herself to school work, as she balances her music career and academics evenly. She works hard and even though she has a packed schedule along with the rest of her members, she has the time to care for others. Seohyun is definitely a sweet girl that deserves a title of best maknae!

Seohyun is very pretty and AMAZING! She has the greatest voice! The best! And she is also in SNSD, the no. 1 group in Asia! She is very innocent and loving. Her characteristics make her a good person. A lot of people love her for who she is!

She is my favorite maknae of all time! She is the while package! She is smart, sweet, nice, well mannered, respectful, has a great voice, an awesome dancer, beautiful, great musician, and very loving and caring. She has a perfect body and a baby face which a lot of people are super jealous of. She is my favorite out of SNSD. She is my role model. She is not just my favorite maknae, she is my absolute favorite idol in the world. No One can ever replace her! She is the best!

She sleep before twelve. She likes clean. She is smart... She is so innocent and attractive that I love her so much. She also sings well, dances well, and polite. She and girls generation are my idols forever and ever.

Seohyun is the best maknae ever!. She always cares and protects her unnies, She's smart and never afraid on what she speaks, hardworking and always cares her school work. She's angelic, innocent and one of the most beautiful girls that I've ever seen. She's so caring, sweet and most down to earth person out of the girls. She's my ultimate Role model!. Seo Joo-Hyun forever!.

Seohyun is beautiful.
I love her ladylike-ness & her innocence, but when she performs shes aggressive. Shes such a sweetheart & is an amazing role model! Her voice is amazing & she lights up a stage

Has all the best attributes a singer can have! She's so adorable and sweet, she melts your heart just by looking at her. The best celebrity crush you can have!

She's very dedicated into her career very hard working. Through out the 9 years that she's been in snsd she has never had a scandal. She's pure and innocent and very beautiful she's caring for her other members and is doing what she loves and she's also a great role model to me and all the seohyun fans out there

She's the best maknae ever! She's kind, caring, smart, and humble like her other members and she is very talented and beautiful. She has a unique personality that is loved by many and she is very diligent when it comes to a task she needs to complete. Seohyun Hwaiting!

I don't know, I just really like her since SNSD debut. Maybe because her kind personality and her natural beautiful face and also she is very pure and have a brave heart. She is just amazing.

She's really sweet and innocent! And a great singer and dancer too!

She is smart, talented, innocent, pure, disciplined, kind and helpful... She works very hard to achieve her goal... She has a character that is not seen in most girls... She answers qusestions properly thinking first before saying... Seohyun FIGHTING!

Super talented girl, very feminine and whenever you look on her innocent face you can tell how pure she is.. From natural beauty to her respectful behavior and attitude towards others. I just love SEOHYUN.. GG!

Seohyun is a beautiful girl... Uhm... And lovely... A cutie... A good singer... SONEs will always support Seohyun and SNSD... I love Seohyun and SNSD...

Seohyun is the best maknea. She is perfect. She is good in singing, dance and many more. She also pretty. I think she is the prettiest in SNSD. Seohyun fighting!

Seohyun is the best maknae for me even I am a sone but that's not the way I treat snsd... If there is SNSD I will vote them, not I will choose who is the best of all kpop maknae and that Seohyun because she is loving and shes like a mother.. If you see her you will be amaze She had a very strong voice and remember she is the youngest member of SNSD how can you expect that! So that's why that I choose her

She is my ultimate bias in KPOP.She is kind, talented, hard-working and beautiful.She always makes an effort to do her work well.Thanks to being her fan, I've learnt many good things from her.She's obviously a wonderful idol

She's breathtaking beautiful, she can sing and dance very well, her face is like an angel, she's very sweet and very caring towards her members, she's kind, she can even wrote songs, she's very hardworking. SEOHYUN for the win~

1. She is beautiful
2. She is cute
3. She is innocent
4. She is smart
5. She is kind
6. She is well mannered
7. She doesn't like unhealthy foods


I vote for seohyun. I think she's the most hardworking, pure and innocent, and kind person I've met here on earth. She's just so adorable without even trying hard. I just simply love her!

Seohyun is the ultimate role model. She takes great care of herself, she thinks of others, and she leads a good life. She's beautiful and talented, and has her own hidden humor.

Seohyun is so cute no one will defeat her cuteness also Yoona! :) Am I right? Thumbs up if I am! :) Seohyun is also beautiful and tall! :) Seohyun fighting! Girls' Generation fighting!

One word to describe her is PERFECT. She is goddess with natural beauty and gorgeous body. Her voice is really sweet, such an angelic voice. Her dance movement is great. Well this is seo joo hyun. Innocent, cute, humble, talented, sincere, and most talented. Top maknae ever!