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The most adorable maknae in the history of adorable maknaes. Our Taeminnie is a complete angel! Though I am Onew biased, being a Shawol I have to find the perfect words to describe our baby maknae. Of course to start from his fiery dance, he is an absolute dancing machine. His whole body, from head to toe listens to him with so much perfection. Its such a pleasure to just watch him move. He is currently the best lead dancer in Kpop. I would even call him the Michael Jackson of Asia. He has so much style. His singing has improved a lot after his puberty and his high notes are too good. He has a perfect OST voice. He is one of the most sought after Kpop idols. Though he is all concentrated and fiery on the stage, Offstage he is a baby. His hyungs treat him that way too. They take care of him like a 2 year old kiddo. Especially I love that beautiful relationship between leader Onew and Taemin. Onew takes care of him so well and Taemin cares fir his hyung so much too. The way he looks at ...more

Debuting before he was even 16, fans have really seen Lee Taemin from SHINee grow up, mature and improve in all aspects of being a performer.
He debuted as SHINee's main dancer and vocally wasn't at all strong - usually only getting a couple of lines per song. However he improved at such a quick pace that he got more and more lines until he's now seen as one of SHINee's main vocalists and has even released successful solo material!
Of course Taemin improved much more than just his vocals! When he first debuted, understandably he was a little shy in front of the cameras and not the best at articulating what he wanted to say but overtime he really grew out of his shell! Whilst sometimes still being the cute, awkward maknae, Taemin began to take a more active role in variety and really took to the role of being an idol and what that job entails.
He has become such a fully-fledged performer that it's hard not to be proud of him. He works super hard, is always courteous towards ...more

Taemin has grown to be one of the most sought out idols in K-Pop because of all of his talents, which he worked extremely hard for. The only thing he doesn't have to work for is looks! In the group he is still seen as the maknae, even if he might be physically outgrowing the innocence image.

Really? Do I have to say something? Just look his face, his smile, his eyes, the way he moved or just see him dancing. Everything in him is perfection. He is like Adonis or Apolo or a god. You see he is the most cutest thinks in the world and I can't stop listen him singing. It's like a lullaby makes you feel like you are flying in the sky

Just look at him! It seems like his age stopped at 17 I Love him so much. He's a total package!

His dancing ability, of course, it's amazing. He's the Main dancer, for pete's sake But listen to him sing! If you're a good listener like me, you'll know that his voice is somewhat alike Kim Jonghyun's! Only that his voice is softer and jonghyun's is higher :) nevertheless, he's still amazing and I Love Him

Go, Taemin Oppa! FIGHTING

He is totally amazing! He has the voice of an angel, when you hear it your soul just like melted at that moment, It's not very good at first, but now I just can't get enough of that great voice! His face is very very cute and kind! He is very adorable and nice to everyone! And he very loves his fans too!

First of all, Taemin is the most beautiful creature alive. He is a kickass dancer and while his looks are feminine, he himself is pretty manly. Plus, he is ADORABLE. I find it hilarious that off stage, he's sweet and shy and cute, but the moment music turns on and he starts dancing, something changes. He goes from sweet and cute maknae to this charismatic dancer. Taemin will forever be my ultimate bias.

Taemin sings well and also dances REALLY well! Recently, he was the person who got the most votes for a member that you want to have in your group chosen my other k-pop groups.

He is the best dancer ever if you want to look like your good at dancer don't stand next to Taemin. There will be no comparison. Even other groups agreed that if they could steal one member from another group it would the SHINee's Taemin.

While the maknaes of most kpop groups tend to be the weakest talent-wise, Taemin has proved to be one of the maknaes who are able to stand their ground and contribute greatly to their group. Although his vocals weren't strong in the beginning, they're pretty amazing now which shows just how much effort he's put in for the past several years. Plus his dancing's no joke - even Rain praised his dancing and named Taemin as his "best dancer hoobae".

TAEMIN, just when I read his name I don't know what happen for me:'(, he's a small angel with a great voice and great moves and great personality and I love the way he smiles the way he talk, I love everything about TAEMIN, I love you so much

Taemin Oppa! It is an excellent dancer! The way he moved on stage is great! Besides his singing has improved tremendously! Before his voice was BEAUTIFUL.. Now is EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL! :) On the other hand... Is not it cute? It is divine! Funny and tender your style! Attn: Shawol of Peru!

Taemin... The cutest boy in the world... *just kidding... Key is the best*.. But I still love tae... I'm a real SW... V-SW

N-nonstop dancing machine


Taemin was the best maknae forever I love his smile I love his charismatic in dancing and singing I love him very much I love his sparkling eyes and his sexy lips. For me he is my miracle he is the reason why I continue my life and fall in love again together with SHINee. SHINee is my angel Taemin is my one truly life. As I wake up in the morning its because of him I dream because of him I breath because of him I'm loving because of him. Dear my angel (Taemin) thank you very much for making my life complte.


Taemin never fails to impress me when he dance... Now with his singing improving... He's definitely AWESOME!

Taemin is amazing! He's grown and matured over the years. His singing skills have become a lot better. His dancing has always been the best, but his skill keep improving.

Simply put taem's perfect. He's downright adorable and his voice God his voice is heaven it just kinda pulls at your heart strings. Did I mention how sexy he is sometimes especially when dancing I honestly can't understand how someone could be that cute and sexy at the same time. He's just too WOW I wanna keep him for myself

SHINee's Taemin is amazing!
He is a magnificent dancer.
He has learned so much these past years. In the started he cried because he missed his family and now he is a grown man, in the start he weren't the best singer buut now he is very talented!
He is VERY cute, handsome/pretty, manly (at some points) and perfect.
YOu make me smile Taemin-oppa. Please never stop smiling! I love you! Do your best!

I love Tea min forever. Tea min ah... Fighting. I s2 U. Vietnam number 1

I Love Maknae Taemin. I Love SHINee. SHINee number 1 I'm A SHAWOL Forever

He's an all around entertainer. He can be cute and sexy at the same time. He can capture the hearts of many. No one can beat Taemin. In short HE'S PERFECT!

Taemin is the cutest maknae of any kpop group I have ever seen!

Taemin, will always be the best and cutest maknae. He is a talented dancer and his vocals improved a lot not to speak about his piano skills, Just amazing! He he's grown a lot and seemed more like a strong man. I am really curious to see his development in the future.