Top 10 Malayalam Actresses of the 21st Century

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1 Nazriya Nazim

Nazriya nazim is very very cute and beautiful actress I have never seen in whole india!
Her cute acting in raja Rani movie make me a big fan for nazriya.I want her to come back again for acting in Telugu films because for the sake of dieharding fans for her in Telugu also. please.

Make way for this 19 year old girl. We want new comers. Not old fools such as kava madavan to show off and rule over this industry. She is lucky to ha've fahad fassil the wonderful actor

She is so bad. I hate nazriya like a hell, she is so oversmart, after one or two movies she thought that she is very big and busy actress. so over I hate her

Cute little 19 year old girl. She is going to rule the malayalam film industry

2 Kavya Madhavan

She is one of the best actress in Molly wood. She is really talented and beautiful. She is so adorable and lovely. She had won lots of awards for her best role in Gaddama. I really love her so much. She has wonderful acting skills and she had proved that. Let her come back with her new movie she Taxi and I hope it will be a big successs

She is really talented. She has wonderful acting skills. She is so adorable and beautiful. She had proved her talent in the film gaddama. She is like a next door girl to me and she is also a talented dancer. Her eyes are so beautiful I really love it. Let her come back with her new movie SHE TAXI I hope it vil be a grest success.

Great actress. Please watch Gadhama and Perumazakkalam to know her performance. Most Popular actress also. Acted in top gross films in malayalam - Meesamadhavan, Classmates, Twenty Twenty, Thilakkam, Runway, Lion etc. Good pairing with Prithvi Raj, Dileep, Jaya Surya and of course Mohanlal.

She survived more than 20 years in malayalam industry.. From that we can understand that she is the best

3 Nithya Menen

Her acting is just so genuine and natural. I feel she is one of the most underrated actor. She should choose her characters wisely as she has the looks and caliber to outshine the rest. May she get wonderful roles hereafter. My favorite among the lot!

Best naturally acting talented actress. Most beautiful actress of all Indian cinema world.

Nithya Menon is a National multi talented actress of india

Good looking actress with a mind blowing acting skills

4 Manju Warrier

Amazing actress. She is one among the very few malayalam actresses who can play typical indian middle-class woman. Definitely the top actress of malayalam film industry.

She is the top actress of mollywood who excels in acting as well as dancing. She is definitely the Lady Superstar of Malayalam film industry.

With in 3years at that young age she acted in 19 movies 17 or 18 superhits, 2 hits, Best actress awards, special referance in national film award...
After 14 year also she lead among current actress of 2/3 aged. She show to the world with face we can express every thing & really acting means Manju.

Manju chechi is the best beautiful actress of malayalam industry. Her acting singing dancing all are simply adorable. Her talents can't be replaced by nonone. I have no words to define her. But manju warrier the best

5 Meera Jasmine

She won the National Film Award for Best Actress in 2004 and is a two time recipient of the Kerala State Film Award, the Tamil Nadu State Film Awards as well as the Kalaimamani Award from the government of TamilNadu.

Meera jasmine is one of the most beautiful and talented actress of all time.

Meera jasmine super talent actress cute smile beautiful actress

Meera jasmine is the talented actress with beauty

6 Shwetha Menon

She has a good positive thinking mind and also nice character

She changes herself to the characters very easily

7 Nayanthara Diana Mariam Kuriyan, better known by her stage name Nayanthara, is an Indian film actress who predominantly appears in South Indian movies.

She has talent, but does not wait for movies, which can show his talent... She is more concentrated on her beauty than talent

I love her very much. She is very cute and lovely. I love her as one of my family member.

Best actress actor when comparing with male her acting in raja rani is awesome.

She is radiant and hot. I love her so much I sometimes think I'm her sister.

8 Bhavana

She is a really talented actress.
She have acted in comedy and serious roles all having her own style of acting. She is an expert in handling comedy roles.

She can easily change her moods according to the situation.. but most her roles are similar

My favourite actress. I like very very much.

She is so beautiful. I like her romantic movies.

9 Namitha Pramod

Namitha pramod is the hottest 19 year old I have seen in scary and funny movies

She is beautiful, but she has almost similar roles

Namitha is really beautiful and talented.

Namitha is one of my favorite actress

10 Keerthi Suresh

She is very beautiful and represents the typical South Indian beauty. She is a good actress as well. She is truly worthy of the national award for her role in 'Mahanati'.

She is the No1 gorgeous actress in India.Nobody can't defeat her in beauty!. Nobody have such cute smile

Beautiful actress in the world. you look beautifull than your mother

Beautiful actress

The Contenders
11 Mamta Mohandas

She is way more talented than beautiful, her attitude is something really inspiring. She is the best in both inner and outer beauty!

She is the best actress of current malayalam cinema, She just grabbed fame in two or three years,

Ma favourite actress from Malayalam film industry. Really love her acting. She can do any roles...

Woow her dusky look is awesome..She is one of the best actress in south India I ever seen

12 Shobana

She is really a amazing actress
You will have to prefer her to the first position

No one can and no one could take her place. She is Triumph

The best heroine of Malayalam cinema of all time.

The charming queen of malayalam kindom and the preetist rose from the garden of actress

13 Parvathy Menon

Superb actress in parvathy menon I m very bigg fan all time

She is excellent actress and she very pretty and cute

One of the finest and cutest actresses in recent years...iam totally in love

She is one of the best in India ever seen

14 Remya Nambeesan

I love her mini episodes of monkey pen. She is my favorite actress. Besides, my name is Remya.

She is so hot and sexy! Ramya please marry me

15 Lakshmi Rai

Rai's most notable works in Malayalam-language films have been in Annan Thambi (2008), 2 Harihar Nagar (2009), Chattambinadu (2009), Evidam Swargamanu (2009) and Oru Marubhoomikkadha (2011), thus establishing herself in the Malayalam film industry.

Your sexy and hot please marry me I love you

She is damn hot with beautiful thighs... !

You are beautiest I want to see you

16 Sai Pallavi

Lovely attitude... The most popular actress after Nazriya is Sai... She's going to rule the Malayalam industry...

One and only actress in mollywood who grabbed unbelievable fan base from the very first movie itself by her cute looks, smile...MALAR.

She is very talented and Doctor. She will grab some film. She has the grace of being the great

Her smile is very sweet. Good attitude and one day she will become best actress in the future

17 Samvritha Akhil

Her teeth provides her with cute appearance

Her long hair is more cute for her face

She is the best of the best

Natural acting

18 Amala Paul

Her Eyes and Lips are very Attractive when compare to other actress

She looks so different with and without makeup

Love her attitude and her English is the best

Worst actress, your face is somewhere similiar to monkey

19 Miya

My favorite cuttest &glamorous actress of malayalam film industry

Beautiful heroine in the world.

Very beutifull actress I ever seen looks like an angel

Such an beautiful actress

20 Navya Nair

Navya Nair is very pretty especially after her marriage also she is a good dancer.

Beautiful and very talented

Very talented actress...

Talented actress.

21 Isha Talwar

The preetist queen of malayalam kingdom and the preetist rose from the garden of actress

As air hostess she was pretty in Bombay days

She is one of the most kind hearted actress

The prettiest of all

22 Rima Kallingal

I love you beccause my name is Rima Rajan just like you...

She's a very very hot chick...

23 Gopika

Her lips are awesome

24 Anupama Parameshwaran

Her acting is on Another Level..
She is too cute
So beautiful
Multi Talented
And Careful person
Down to earth person

Anupama mam is so beautiful and so cute.Anu mam's eyes is beautiful.Anu mam is look so beautiful in all dresses but in traditional dresses she looks gorgeous

She is multitalented girl . She acted in tamil ,kannada ,malayalam and telugu industry.
Her eyes make boys fall

Anupama is a creation of Alphonsa Puthren. She has the future. You will soon get films within a year. You shall rock on each one. So be patient and put some effort in acting and study in degree course in CMS college. ----- I studied in CMS long time back. So all the best

25 Madonna Sebastian

Though your role in premam is small, u just rocked the stage

You are looking very Georgeous

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