Top Ten Malayalam Movies

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1 Manichitrathazhu
2 Oru Vadakkan Veeragatha

True classic! - Ammu1234

It is the bestmalayalam movie forever

3 Kireedom

I think kireedom is definitely one of top movie because the movie has been made in to so many languages and I have seen the most and only then did I realise what a great movie the malayalam version was

Story direction acting - kireedom

Best movie ever made in malayalam

Realistic movie!
A golden feather in the golden age of malayalam cinema..
One of Mohanlal's best acting. - Ammu1234

4 Chameen
5 God Father
6 Kireedam
7 Drishyam

A phenomenon led by the perfect script and a perfect cast.

Great entertainer & superb thriller.
Nice family movie.. - Ammu1234

8 Chithram

One word to describe this movie 'AWESOME'

9 Bharatham
10 Neelakuyil

The Contenders

11 Ponthan Mada
12 Memories
13 Vadakkunokkiyantram
14 Vanaprastham
15 Guru
16 Yodha
17 Padayottam
18 20 Twenty
19 Thanmatra

One of the underrated movies I guess.
A true realistic movie..
My favourite movie of Mohanlal. - Ammu1234

20 In Harihar Nagar
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1. Oru Vadakkan Veeragatha
2. Chameen
3. Manichitrathazhu
1. Manichitrathazhu
2. Kireedam
3. God Father



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