Top Ten Malayalam Youth Stars

Top 10 Mollywood Youth stars 2014 provides an insight into the worth of each of these actors. So who is a Top Mollywood youth actor in 2014?
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1 Nivin Pauly

He is one of the actor who does not have any unnatural factors. He is like an ordinary malayali boy next door and represent us in a very cool and realistic way in his roles. That makes him different from other newcomers. We are lucky to have an actor like which is close to our heart and give us good feeling after watching him act.

Nivin has a style which is cool and natural. When see him on the screen and acting so natural and cool it seems like our own brother or a cousin is there. Definitely he is going tom improve and refine more and more in his roles.

I think he is the only actor in Malayalam now whose movies are awaited to be released. And also, he is the only one actor whose movies can be watched more than one time now. It reminds us about the acting style of Mohanlal during 80s and 90s.

Very stylish, handsome, funny and cool. I think he is the only actor in malayalam whose movies worth a second watch or a critical analysis. A majority of malayalies expect more from him, and looking forward for his upcoming movies.

2 Dulquar Salman

You are a very talented, stylish actor that I have ever known.I am a very big fan you and wish I could see and this is from a 13 year old girl who really wants to meet this superstar of hers

The son of film actor Mammootty, Dulquer made his debut with the Malayalam film Second Show (2012) and later starred in the film Ustad Hotel (2012) which won the National Award for Best Popular Film. He was awarded with Filmfare Award for Best Male Debut and SIIMA Award for Best Male Debutant for the performance in the film Second Show and nominated for Filmfare Award for Best Actor for his performance in Ustad Hotel

DQ is the best.. He is so far the best looking malayalam actor.. He is tall, cute and handsome.. He has a good physique. The acting skill runs in his blood being the son of the superstar Mammootty. His acting is so natural and his expressions are so cute.. He can act so well. He is also one of the few Malayali actors who can actually dance so well. His performance in Bangalore days as Arjun was unbelievable. He literally lived the character.. He is a heart throb of many.. He has a very strong and a big female fan base. Just two years since he entered film industry and already so many hits. A well deserved first place. Way to go DQ :-*

Next superstar of mollywood after mammootty and mohanlal.
Best actor.
His style of acting.
Versatile actor.
Stylish actor.
Most fans inside and outside kerala.
Youth icon.
Crowd puller.
Trend setter.

3 Prithviraj Prithviraj Sukumaran, credited mononymously as Prithviraj, is an Indian actor, playback singer and producer best known for his work in Malayalam films.

I am big fan of Prithviraj a.k.a Rajuvettan he brings out many experiments in malayalam cinema and truely most deserving youth superstar in mollywood remember the name PRITHVIRAJ SUKUMARAN...

He is the one, that I love in Malayalam movie industry... very talented, actor...

Next big thing in m' town ..put him on top he deserve it in all means

Amazing actor. He easily handles every characters.

4 Fahadh Faasil

Fahadh made his debut in his father Fazil's Kaiyethum Doorath (2002), which turned out to be a commercial disaster at the Kerala box-office. After a sabbatical of six years, Fahadh returned to cinema with the anthology film Kerala Cafe (2009). He made a mark for himself with performances in Chaappa Kurishu (2011), 22 Female Kottayam, Diamond Necklace (2012), Artist and North 24 Kaatham (2013). He won the Kerala State Film Awards twice: Second Best Actor Award for his role in Akam and the Best Actor Award for his roles in Artist and North 24 Kaatham.

Versatile actor. Handles all types of characters with great perfection. Next complete actor of mollywood. Natural acting places him in a much higher level than other young actors..

'Maheshinte Prathikaaram', 'Thondimuthalum Driksaakshiyum' and 'Varathan', just three among his amazing performances, can undoubtedly define how great and versatile an actor he is.

Best young actor in malayalam Film industry. Next generation complete actor. He has the ability to become one of the top actor in south india and more.

5 Jayasurya

Next Superstar
Hard work and dedication

He is popular actor

He is next "janapriya nadan"

Next superstar

6 Asif Ali

He is a wonderful actor
Although al his films are not a hit... he proves that he is best at acting
Great fan of you

He is very simplicity & very good person
& acting is fantastic & fabulous

Asif Ali is the king of youth icon in Malayalam industry.he is good actor beacouse he acting is very carefully also he is trend star in malayalam industry

Very good personality and he is a good actor

7 Tovino Thomas

Tovino Thomas is a swashbuckling actor from the down south Kerala regarded as one of the best actor in the recent times and I am a big fan of him irrespective of the films he has acted

The most handsome man in mollywood. Really loved his villain roles. Simple talking style. Just loved his acting

The best! He will become a famous actor just like mohanlal sir

Present legend actor mohanlal
In future tovino thomas

8 Unni Mukundan

He made his debut with the Tamil film Seedan, which was the remake of Nandanam. He also played the lead role along with Asif Ali in the movie I Love Me in 2012 December which failed in the box office. His last release was "The Last Supper". He is doing a cameo role in upcoming Mammootty film Rajadhi Raja. His upcoming movies are Samrajyam II: Son of Alexander directed by Tamil film director Perarasu, Kaatum Mazhayum by Director Harikumar.

He is an actor who is improving like anything on all his movies. I believe that he have the full potential to become the next action superstar like suresh gopi once was.

I'm am a very big fan of Unni Mukundan and he is a very sweet,stylish,action and amazing actor
Hope I would be able to meet you!

He is the new generation king

9 Allu Arjun Allu Arjun is an Indian film actor who primarily works in Telugu cinema. After playing as a child artist in Vijetha and as a dancer in Daddy, Arjun made his adult debut in Gangotri. Arjun then appeared in Sukumar's debut film Arya.

Really a great dancer and actor. Really love his films.

He only best dancer in south India

Best dancer and energetic

Best actor in south India

10 Sunny Wayne

Sunny Wayne is an Indian film actor who works in Malayalam cinema. He made his acting debut in Second Show directed by another debutant Srinath Rajendran.

Really super actor. Amazing sound and acting. Simply super

Simply I wanna make a film of him.


The Contenders
11 Sreenath Bhasi

Singer, model and director. He has acted in the films Pranayam, 22 Female Kottayam, Arike, the Thadiya, Ustad Hotel, Honey Bee: Its Tripping... and in some short films such as Iced Tea

So simple and a wonderful actor

He is youth's favorite

$ you Bhasikka

12 Aju Varghese

He made his debut in 2010 in the Malayalam film, Malarvadi Arts Club under Vineeth Sreenivasan, which was a Super Hit and since then he is active in the Malayalam film industry.

Aju is a talented actor.

Next super star

Humorous characters- Jagathi(old gen.),Suraj(middle gen.),Aju-youth.

13 Vineeth Sreenivasan

A very talented personality.

Singer,actor,and one of the best directors in youth...

The best all-round Malayalam film industry has ever seen...

14 Govind Padmasoorya
15 Maqbool Salmaan

Maqbool Salmaan is an Indian film actor who works in Malayalam cinema. He is popular Malayalam actor Mammooty's nephew and television actor Ebrahimkutty's son. He made his acting debut in 2012

16 Neeraj Madhav

Super dancer and a good actor

17 Dhyan Sreenivasan

A very promising actor,one of the best youth stars in currnt mollywood industry.
Talented and expressive, a very good future foreseen.

18 Indrans

Good and focus acters

19 Naga Chaitanya
20 Antony Varghese
21 Rana Daggubati
22 Anushka Shetty Sweety Shetty, known by her stage name Anushka Shetty, is an Indian actress and model who predominantly works in Telugu and Tamil films.
23 Alwin Benson

Good person

24 Sasirekha Parinayam
25 Tamannaah

Cute actress
lovely smile
hardworking and talented dancer and actess
jai avantika
I love you thammu

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