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1 Sekumpulan Orang Gila

They've got what it takes to be the best... Can't wait for their first EP... Still in the oven I presume...

Experimentally great, fusing ideas without second thought. With great songs, tight performances. SOG is definitely the next BIG act..

Just give them a chance, I'm sure no one will regret it... the best band ever... good luck you all...

I love this band so much

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2 Massacre Conspiracy

Simply EPIC! An international standard band.. They're deserve to share a stage with popular metalcore band such as BMTH, The Devil Wears Prada, ABR, PWD.. Etc...

Definitely one of the best band in Malaysia! Go and watch them perform live, you'll know why they one of the best

Nothing beats this Malaysian metalcore god! Such an amazing band. One of the best.

Ash the best screamer in malaysia just like the international screamo

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3 Chasing Villains
4 Cassandra

They songs played around the world, they also performed around the world and they album were solds around the world. They already proved that they were the best! They were new and rebuilt!

5 The Padangs

I love the drummer!... Bwahaha...... The vocalist really can change the air in any stage their perform... Keep it up!, may the force be with you all!

The best metalcore band in Malaysia plus an energetic and great showmanship on stage. Love their frontman

Malaysian's MIKE HERANICA! The crowd will become hell break loose when joe started to scream!


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6 Kiss The Fallen

They were very awesome with their breakdown! I think they can be superb metaldeathcore!

Bringing new wave of metal/death/core in their music! Plus, they do have a good stage performance!

well, not very liked band in scene, I don't know why "some" people underestimated them, maybe because their appearance or something, but they still good to me, let them show the world their music!

TOTALLY MAGNIFICENT! 1 of the most brilliant underground band ever exist in the scene! I love their song arrangement, breakdown, guitar riff, vocal and their live performance!

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7 Ballad For Layla

I hope the song 'the dead marshes' from their EP will be played at my funeral..

More Hardcore More the people love! I have heared your song... It So nice... Keep rocking bro! Because the band will be the good artis... And please make a concert on mallaca...!

8 Kids On The Move


9 Cousin of Death

If you're into Deathcore/Melodic Death Metal such as The Black Dahlia Murder or Carnifex, Cousin Of Death is a good choice to deal with. Their music are so pure and very brutal. The originality in their music makes me love and anticipated more for their new song. I love their guitar riffs, which is sounds so original, and their vocalist's vocal. His highs is pretty intense and also his lows. No doubt, I would say that Eyork from Call of Duty is my most favourite metal vocalist in Malaysia. Therefore, I would like to recommend all of you to hear their song if you're searching for a local band who sounds like TBDM. m/

Wow... I'm impressed. Keep going' bro... Spread your wings and fly away... Never turning back... Eyork, Grim... And other's... You're always Cousin Of Death to Sarawak scene.

This is killer band from Bumi Kenyalang. Sarawak proud of you guys! Keep it up Cousin Of death.

This is what Sarawak metalis like.. Although their music similar to The Black Dahlia Murder but that not the point.. People like to hear something good for them.. So.. To me Cousins Of Death is a best band in Sarawak.. I like their guitar riff and drummer.. Its not easy to play something like that its need a lot of practice to be perfect.. Keep it up Cousins Of Death.. Support this band and also don't forget to support other Sarawak band such as Kherow also.. If u like Arch Enemy band.. Kherow is the next Arch Enemy in the world.. Support Sarawak metal! We always support all of u! Make our state proud metalis!

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10 Search and Destroy

Great friends we have, not just good in music. Friends forever. Open heart open mind open hand. Stand as One.


One of the greatest metal bands I've ever seen live. The workmanship in their music is very high, yet the quality of the live performance is still maintained. Great guitar riffing from the guitarists! Thumbs up, and long live Search and Destroy!

Adruce Azman
Sonar Instinct

No doubt that SnD is the best metal band in Swk. Good luck guys.
Shawn of Shone Music House.

From kuching sarawak! Woho! Tokrang nang the best! Sikda tokrang, nang sick happrning you! I love you snd!

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11 Maddthelin

The best. The best

Love women vocalist, old ones.

Best underground band

Leni's scream more better than before

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12 Sleeping Sorrows

Just simply awesome! Desert Fire explains everything! I think this deserve in top 5! Stay Metal!

Desert Fire is their truly masterpiece, listen to it and you'll be amazed

I listen to them since 2011 back when they released their first single; Beguiler!

Mana band ni pergi? haha

13 Bizharo
14 Dead Eyes Glow

Their song make me feel very happy. The song contain very good moral value. It suitable for general

15 The Only Cure Is Dying
16 I, Revival

I'm still listening to familiar ground and heart seeker

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17 I Kill Your Boyfriend
18 Daarchlea


19 Black Territory

Obsessed! the first time I listened to them!

20 Exhale My Ozone
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