Gianluca Ginoble


Gianluca Ginoble is just beginning his beautiful career but the sky is the limit. His velvety voice sooths the cares of the day away. His ability to sing is not a product of electronic manipulation on stage or in recordings. He is pure talent. He grew up singing classical Italian music but loves Sinatra and some say he sings Sinatra better than Sinatra! I would agree. I am grateful for the ability to see and hear him live on occasion but the recordings of IL VOLO enhance my life everyday. No doubt that music is his life and he is willing to work hard with his group "brothers", tenors Piero Baron and Ignazio Boschetto, to bring beautiful music to everyone. Gianluca deserves to be #1.

His voice is like a song of the angels... He makes me feel so happy I really love her voice... I LOVE THIS MAN!

They "broke the mold" when Gianluca was born. This young man has the most beautiful voice I have ever heard. He's Italian. He's so polite, so attractive, and so loving. With a voice like his, he will be around for a long, long time. When he looks at you, he melts your heart. He absolutely loves to sing. His family means the world to him. He has no problem sharing his thoughts and his feelings. I just love this young man. He's only 18 years old!

God-given voice, yes. But his parents and he were smart enough to realize that the human voice needs an expert to teach it how work really at best. He is so superb partly because he has been trained by a great voice teacher and voice coach - as have the two other guys in Il Volo. You take that training added to the fact that he has one of the great natural instruments of our time and then add in his incredible heart and soul and wow! What a guy. What a blessing.

The best Baritone in the world! Your voice is Amazing Strong and sing With Passion one of the most Big Artist in the World love This Guy

Not only does he have a gorgeous velvet voice, he feels the music and sings with such passion. He is also gorgeous to look at, with eyes that hypnotize. Add his charm, class, sensitive and caring nature. And that makes him #1. Amazingly, he remains humble!

Gianluca is 18 years old. He sings better than Sinatra ever did, he looks better than any movie star I ever saw, and he has a heart of gold. He loves his fans and treats them like they were one of his family. He is just amazing and deserves to be #1.

Gianluca is the best baritone in the world today, and he is only 18. Lord alone knows what he will be like in a few years. Apart from his beautiful voice, He is such a wonderful person, so good from within, and it shows. He is truly a gift to this world, and we never want to lose him. He is going to be a wonderful role model for young people. He was sent directly from Heaven together with Piero and Ignazio to show the world how to love again, and the world is responding to their love. He has changed so many lives, more than he could ever imagine. Thank you God for making Gianluca.

His passion for music you can see it every time you hear him sing...he can project his feelings through you with how he sings a can take you to a new world that doesn't exist...He sings like an no one I have heard before.

Gianluca has a voice I haven't heard in such a long time. It's incredible! You know someone is a great singer & artist when you hear him and his voice moves your heart & soul, and that's how his voice makes you feel. He sings with such passion that he makes you feel his emotions! And when he sings with his fellow group members Piero Barone & Ignazio Boschetto magic happens!

There is not another baritone out there that is more deserving than Gianluca Ginoble. Started singing at age 3 and won Italy's version of Am Idol at age 14. His voice is so strong you would never guess he is still a teenager. This 77 year old thinks he is the best thing since sliced bread.

My opinion of Gianluca Ginoble has no boundaries... Nothing but admiration, recognition, hours of listening and visual enjoyment, the senses are heightened by his presence and his totally mesmerizing tones and the way he carries himself.

Gianluca's voice is absolutely stunning, strong, lush and velvety smooth. He is an amazing young man, a class of his own. He sings for the pure love of singing, with incredible passion for a man that is only 18. No singer that moved me to tears like he does. Although he has this incredible talent he is humble and makes so much time for his fans.

He is a beautiful, lovely person and a amazing baritone, he sings with the heart and the soul.

He's just perfect. He has beauty and talent, you don't need anything more.

Gianluca Ginoble sings with magnificent finesse, passion, power, grace, and glorious harmony, both as part of IL VOLO and in his solos. At any age, his voice is magnificent. The fact that he is only 18 is incredible!

Gianluca's voice is heaven sent. He is the whole package. He has unsurpassed looks and can sing in four languages, he is the best baritone voice out there today.Yes, it is totally true that when he sings, it can bring one to tears. That's how soulful his voice is.

Listen to Gian sing. The passion flows through you. The emotion brings tears to your eyes and warmth to your heart. Then wait, when the song is over and you are feeling good... Then he smiles... That makes him the very best.

Gianluca with a short age has the voice of a 50 year old make singer he is awesome

Classic swave voice. No matter what language Gianluca sings in, his enunciation is perfect, his notes pitch-perfect, and his vocal range is excellent. And it's only gonna get better, since at age 18, there is room for his voice to mature to it's full golden potential.

There is no better baritone today. This young man is nothing short of amazing and continues to astound me.

He's the best baritone in the world! He's amazing! I love him

I love him! He's the best in the world

He has a wonderful, pure, passionate, angelic sometimes, quality to his voice- it can warm your heart or bring you to tears at the sound.

His voice is just perfection.. With only 18 years old.. INCREDIBLE!