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1 Zack Fair (FF7) Zack Fair (FF7)

The best Final Fantasy character. I haven't put him here because I am some FF7 fanboy. FFX is where its at for me. He's just so cool. And that ending of Crisis core. T_T That was nearly as depressing as watching Yuna admit her love for Tidus and THAT HUG! T_T Anyway, I just love him as a character. Perfect person to kickstart Clouds little journey. I can see why he had to die. Without him, Cloud would be just... Boring. In battle well... He's the only one you've got. So you generally are quite skilled with him or else you are severely screwed.

Zack is a great character and the main reason why Cloud became such a more developed character after Crisis Core.
Zack is lovable for his boundless energy but also the fact that he is truly a caring guy. Although a little naive at times, he has a strong sense of what is wrong and right and the fact that he is charming makes his character that much better.
Although it was very sad when he died, it was necessary so Cloud could see the importance of the people around him. Therefore in a way, it made it seem that he wasn't dead at all- after all, his 'dreams' became Cloud's and the fact that we see him at the end of Advent Children is like he was there helping all the way (and by the values he had taught Cloud, he had been). - XxOtakuDesuxX

His smile is the best of them all. Bright eyes will struck you (in my own opinion). He's my all time favorite FF male character in series.

SImply the best.

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2 Cloud Strife (FF7) Cloud Strife (FF7)

Actuallly I think cloud is the most useful character in final fantsy. Because he is powerful and his omni slash is so strong

Yes he's not in the top five. Deal with it! Until recently, he wasnt even in my top TEN! I didn't really like the whole emo thing they did with him. And YES, I do know his story and I'm still using that phrase. On the plus side, he is a pretty cool character, but nothing compared to his predecessor *cough* Better Version *Cough*. In battle, he's always a great up front attacker and his Limits are awesome for driving down those hit points!

3 Squall Leonhart (FF8) Squall Leonhart (FF8)

Squall is by far the greatest character in the entire franchise.

He's not a cheerful guy and he isn't a whiner. He's a loner but inside he's a born leader and it radiates off of him (even though he doesn't notice himself) and everyone is drawn to him naturally. He's a pure badass with his gunblade. The love story between Rinoa and him is only overshadowed by Tidus and Yuna. Yet to me VIII will always be the greatest FF game. Squall is the most realistic character that FF has ever created, and that's why he's the best.

Squall is my favorite video game protagonist ever, and the best FF male, if you ask me. He is easily relatable, going through changes everyone experiences in real life adolescence. He questions his life's purpose and his value to those around him -- and, in the end, he finds something worth fighting for in the form of Rinoa Heartilly. He is seriously overlooked, but seriously skilled and powerful. I also like how he aims to be even stronger, which is another notion people can relate to.

The most good looking male character in the series and badass design!

My favorite ever

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4 Auron (FFX)

Another member of my main party. Also an extremely badass man in Red. Perhaps if they wrapped the next male protagonist in red, people wouldn't complain that he's whiny and annoying? Just a thought. Anyway, what is there to say? Aurons the man. He begins Tidus's Story and keeps the audiance guessing as to why HE is the only one still standing from Braskas party so many years before until it is in fact revealed he is an unsent. Still, he's badass, even in semi death. In battle, he mows down enemies, swiflty reaching the damage limit and requiring SOMETHING to break through that. Other that that, he acts as a sort of guardian to other characters, taking damage for them. With his high health and defense, this makes him even more useful.

1 word to discribe this character awesome

5 Sephiroth (FF7) Sephiroth (FF7)

Sephiroth is the best villain! a badass character I love him

He is my love
He is so manly and attractive

He is the most handsome and cool character I have ever seen. His eyes lashes is prettier than Claude 👀.

Sephiroth ist auf Platz fünf? Wieso? Er ist der beste

6 Zell Dincht (FF8)

Cool gloves

7 Tidus (FFX) Tidus (FFX)

YES Tidus! He's actually a really good character. Not half as annoying as so many people think he is. Sure he whines, but its not like, oh I don't know. His life is a lie, his father was a drunk that left without warning and he's stuck in a land he had no idea existed. That would be far too much to give him a reason to complain. Why didn't they just wipe his memory then copy and paste like they did with another blonde protagonist? In battle, he was always in my main party. Got his celestial first as well as all his Limits. He's so fast that some monsters can't even hit him and his time abilities ie Haste and Quick Hit, were lifesavers. Plus, he was actually able to hit quite good amounts of damage, not on the level of other characters from that game, but he suffices.

Oh man, Tidus or Squall? I really relate to Squall's inner conflict, and he looks good, too! It was interesting the way everyone depended on him by default- he literally couldn't run away from people, even though he wanted to. But Tidus... that guy's so sunny! He seemed annoying at first but in retrospect he's actually a very nice, well-meaning upbeat kind of guy trying to find the best solution to a horrible problem and lift everyone's spirits in the process. He's got father issues and has to do a lot of growing up in a short amount of time. It must suck to find out what he finds out about himself in the story. Good character- very different from others before him.

He's unique with his upbeat, airhead of a personality compared to many of the other final fantasy protagonists. He's pure but still has his moments making him human.

Tidus may not be my favorite ff character, but I feel he’s pretty cool in his own way, & is overhated for some stupid things. I like his goofy cheery positive Attitude. A lot different from the gloomy & loner guys we’ve had before (don’t get me wrong though, love squill & cloud). He’s a guy that makes me lol for being so adorkable, & he is pretty realistic. So yea, he has flaws where he can get pissy & ‘whinny,’ but even when things don’t go his way, he figures out the truth & does what’s best for the world.

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8 Zidane Tribal (FF9) Zidane Tribal (FF9)

I find him both cute and badass at the same time. Oh Zidane also I think his tail makes him look cool.

A theft made prospect, Created by Power to Obtain Power,he is the ultimate good guy.

Ya he's cool

9 Noctis Lucis Caelum (FF15)

Should be number 1

Noctis is the most important part of final fantasy because withought him the ff generation won't continue.

Noctis number 1

He's a prince! A handsome prince :) but he treats his non royal friends equally

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10 Seifer Almasy (FF8)

I wish Seifer had gotten more exposure on the game. It was clear that there was much more to him than a bad boy persona.

The Newcomers

? Nyx Ulric (Kingsglaive FFXV)

For the love of god, why isn't Nyx in here? I'm deeply in love with that character!

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11 Vincent Valentine (FF7 & Dirge of Ceberus) Vincent Valentine (FF7 & Dirge of Ceberus)

I believe I'm in the minority that actually LIKED playing Dirge. It was a fun change and what better character than the closet vampire? I've always liked him really. He's got an epic design, awesome Limits and he's actually just so badass. Of course, not the MOST badass Red cloaked character on this list ;) But still a close second. He's pretty good in battle in FF7, but wasnt in my main party. He's really just this high because I loved Dirge so much and his gameplay was enjoyable. Plus, he's really badass.


12 Hope Estheim (FF13 & FF13-2)

Hope is just one of those great 'side characters' he's immediately set up with a great tragedy to give him something to develop on and a goal in the first hour or so of the first game. Throughout the early game, he develops from quite the coward into a very strong young man. And lets all keep in mind this boy hasnt reached the 16 landmark yet so he IS actually allowed to be naive and whiny at times. I enjoyed watching him bond with 'Light' throughout the early stages of the game and was on the edge of my seat when he had Snow right where he wanted him. Of course, as all good characters do, he managed to grow up and accept that Snow was not at fault. I'm not happy however, that his relationship with Lightning was kind of skipped over in later stages of the game. In the second game, he returns as quite the genius and if I do say so myself, quite the looker. He's also matured a great amount and in all, has developed into a fine young man. In battle, he's an exceptional Ravager and second ...more

Hope is a great character, just a bit disappointed in his role in Lightning Returns and how his relationship with Lightning could have progressed, but overall he's pretty great. Not too whiny, mature for his age, smart and handsome, and don't even get me started on his ridiculous magic stats.

He is just amazing, his development is crazy I mean the booklet says he has little experience then he goes on to defeat the fal'cie, then become the leader of the academy and builds an entirely new cocoon, all for Vanille

He rocks! Along with that girl with the brown hair ( l forgot her name.. ) and lightning!
Snow is okay..
But that afro guy and Vanille... L don't like these 2< - Number18

13 Kuja (FF9) Kuja (FF9)

His laugh. That is all.

He's in Final Fantasy 9 by the way. FF6 is like Kefka (who I think should be higher on the list fyi-lol)

To cool

14 Barret (FF7)
15 Bahamut (FF)

YES a Summon is being put in this list. Why? Because he's actually an epic summon. I thoroughly enjoy using Mega Flare to own my enemies. He was especially good in FFX because of his already in use Break Damage limit, meaning all who opposed me were well... Aside from that, he's a badass dragon that's been on the dark side as much as the light and people still love his many incarnations.

16 Balthier (FF12)

He's a sky pirate and a self proclaimed leading man. Need I say more?

17 Kefka (FF6)

I mean come on, he's Kefka.

18 Cecil Harvey (FFIV) Cecil Harvey (FFIV)

He's the most handsome and strongest final fantasy protagonists.

I love him so much.

19 Basch (FF12)
20 Reno (FF12)
21 Sabin (FF6)

The only one literally strong enough to suplex a train.

Honestly, need I say more? - xandermartin98

22 Genesis Rhapsodos (FF7)

Looks good cosplay wise

23 Ace (FF Type-0)
24 Ignis (FFXV)

Iggy's just my all time favorite. Character and looks alike.

25 Noel Kreiss (FF13 & FF13-2)

Noel is a cocky, cheerful, confident but soft-spoken person. He is a self-sufficient hunter and a fighter. He is excited to explore new places and meet new people, and is defined by his determination to protect others, evident by how he is protective towards Serah despite hardly knowing her. He asserts himself to others, and remains calm and collected when facing people with provoked anger, such as the members of NORA. Noel stands by his beliefs and morals, and as a remnant from his upbringing, values life and is reluctant to hurt or kill others unless necessary. This initially makes him dislike Snow Villiers for his brash personality, and having his head in the clouds believing in self-sacrifice.

A hunter and the main character in ff13-2

26 Bartz (FF5)
27 Snow Villiers (FF13)

Sure he has that cheesy 'Hero' attitude most of the time, but when it comes down to it, he's a great guy! I mean, wouldn't you love to have a muscled up guy willing to throw his life down for you following you around? Sure, he's not the brightest at times, but makes up for it with how cute his relationship with Serah is. In battle, he's also quite good. A relatively useful Commando, average Ravager and easily the best Sentinel (At least for me)

Love him, best FF game series character ever, he is truly my hero, don't give a dam about hope or cloud he should be number 1, on the list.

28 Shadow (FF6)

Shadow is a playable character in Final Fantasy VI. He comes and goes like the wind, swearing allegiance to no one. Hidden behind his wintry gaze lies a face known to none who live. He is a loner, an assassin and a mercenary, as his only friend is his dog, Interceptor. Shadow has high Speed and Strength, is skilled at throwing weapons/offensive items and is also assisted in battle by his guard dog. Shadow is haunted by his past as a train robber and memories of his former friend.

Badass ninja

29 Seymour Guado (FFX)

Whats this!? A NON protagonist character? Seymour in my opinion, is a great Antagonist. I mean, he goes about pretending to be all 'Hail Yevon' for the first half of the game, fooling EVERYONE, only to turn around and stab them in the back later on. He's also a fun boss to face, especially the first battle against Anima. If you have rushed through the game until that point, you aren't winning that fight! In the BRIEF time you get to play as him, he's a powerhouse and completely outdoes anything your party can offer at that point. Except perhaps Melee but of course, even then he's stronger than your average Robed character.

He creeps me out

30 Cid (FF7)
31 Vaan (FF12)
32 Ardyn Izunia (FF15)
33 Johnny Sins

Lol what

34 Vivi Ornitier (FFIX)
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