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1 Poseidon

He is awesome

Awesonme and the best god

Go Poseidon. You rock the sea

I love Poseidon god of the sea, earthquakes, and horses! I mean who else besides hades hates these awesome things (no offense Hades)

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2 Zeus

He is so beast! I mean Lightning, sweet!

I mean, lightning? Who else can control the sky? Who else would get my vote?

The bad ass of all gods

He is rad dude

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3 Hades

He is cool and misunderstood.

He's not as bad as people say

He can bring people and other stuff back from the dead!

Leiam a nova teogonia

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4 Ares

Kratos is the best and ares

God of war and I am Greek he is a true legend!

Come on everyone know Kratos should be #1!

He's boss
That's all there is to say

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5 Apollo

He is the twin of the most awesome god well goddes artimis the hunter and he plays music so like

he's so awesome

He has the most powers out of all the gods and the most essential like (The Sun, Healing, Disease, Archery, and Prophecy

Hermes is better # Hermes is better than Apollo

Apollo is the best

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6 Hermes

What can I say? Clever since birth (as a baby, he invented the lyre and tricked his half-brother Apollo when he (Hermes) stole Apollo's flock). He protects travelers (and thieves) and invented sports, all the while acting as a messenger boy for the other Gods and Goddesses. He had a good sense of humor (When Ares and Aphrodite were caught in Hephaestus's trap he joked that he'd love to be in Ares's position)... All around an awesome guy. He gets my vote.

Hermes is a great god. Only an amazing god could be picked as the messenger. He is clever, and can get in and out of the Underworld. He invented the lyre as a baby, and he protects travelers and thieves. He by far does not get the credit he deserves. He also is very humorous!

He is boss if he has absence of humor and stole his brothers flock

I could name my cat that because he is awesome

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7 Hephaestus

He the god of fire so he has to be awesome. Plus he makes the other gods weapons so what does that tell you?

Fire and weapons? Cool! I he can minus the ugly part, it'll be better...

8 Dionysus

Dionysus and Hephaestus should be much higher.

Party god

9 Eros

He is awesome he has a bow of love, he's the god of love, son of Aphrodite, an there's a holiday for him!

He is really cool he also has a bow of love

10 Pan

The god of nature, the wild, sheep, the mountains and flocks.

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11 Hercules

He became a God before death

12 Morpheus
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1. Poseidon
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1. Zeus
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