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81 Ilayaraja Ilayaraja Ilaiyaraaja is an Indian film composer who works in the South Indian cinema but predominantly in Tamil since the late 1970s.

ER bare så genial

82 Benny Dayal

Hey why he is on 81 position he should be on top 25

Benny is awesome. can't believe this!

His voice is a god's gift

Benny Dayal is the topmost singer.
He sings songs very nicely.

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83 Neeraj Shridhar

Best Singer Ever! He should be no. 1, not 75

84 Arpit Shukla
85 Vinit Singh
86 Gajendra Varma

He is the best singer I have seen.

I like his attitude and style.

I have heard all the songs of gv and hope to come soon in 1 rank in rankings

Why on earth are his songs going unnoticed

87 Hriday

This guys is amazing at singing, check out his videos!

Check out his videos... They are really AWESOME

India is lucky to have a singer like him

He should be in the top 3 easily

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88 Shabbir Kumar

He is the greatest singer all the time in Bollywood a after our dear late Md rafi saahab...

89 Mohammad Irfan

He is a best upcoming singing sensation for Bollywood

One of my favourite

Best for Mithoon Sharma's music. Rehmat zara (2010), baarish (2014) & banjaara (2014). These songs is the best of Mohammad Irfan

Ohh my God... ! Why he is in the positin of 61... he deserves top 10... his voice is heart touching... Really guys he is a perfect singer... please vote for him...

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90 Anupam Roy

Anupam Roy's voice is cherry on a cake for a song - stepsolutions

His voice is the solution to every problem

91 Badshah

Top rapper

I like your song laal duppata

92 M. G. Sreekumar

He is also a versatile singer. He also must be in the list.

93 Venugopal
94 Malaysia Vasudevan
95 Bilal Saeed V 3 Comments
96 Farhan Saeed

I think 'naam-e-wafa' is the his debut song in the movie creature 3D. In this movie starring one of the stylish actor in the world. He is a Pakistani. Bipasha Basu is the actress.

97 Altamash Faridi
98 Amit Trivedi
99 M. Balamuralikrishna

He is so good that many ranked in this above him refer to him as a legend, as one they can only dream of surpassing. This list makes no sense right now with Dr. BMK at 70!

100 Rafi

Mohd rafi is the best singer in the world

He is not a singer but an institution of music,no one can even come close to him you Rafi sir...

Rafi sahab is the best singer in the wirld..

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