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101 M. Balamuralikrishna

He is so good that many ranked in this above him refer to him as a legend, as one they can only dream of surpassing. This list makes no sense right now with Dr. BMK at 70!

102 Mallappally Srinivas
103 Sreerama Chandra

Awesome multitalanted singer having magical voice
Winner of Indian idol 5 really deserve that
Vote n support
Subhanalla is tremendous fabulous song please please vote n support

104 Vishal Dadlani

Best for all types songs...

He is a good composer and good sing also

Vishal you are best

Why isn't he in top 20?

105 Mustafa Zahid

Why he is on 98th position..

106 Abid Hameed Khan
107 Anuj Gurwara
108 Saranya 'lahul' Ghosh

Super young talent. Very soulful and versatile singer. Love you lahul

V 1 Comment
109 G.V Prakash

G. V Prakash is the very best super light music singer no one beat him

G.V Praskash has the most melting voice ever. He is just unbeatable

V 2 Comments
110 Ritesh Sah
111 Lokesh
112 K. L. Saigal

How could people forget him?

113 Dikshu Sarma

He is the best...

Best singer

114 Jaydeep Swadia

Best singer with sweet voice and emotions

115 Abhay

I think he is the best in the world

116 Mithoon Sharma

He sung very well in his own music direction. Mausam, Aye khuda are the popular songs.

117 Shahid Mallya
118 Ritu Raj
119 Salim Merchant V 1 Comment
120 Haricharan V 1 Comment
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