J-Hope - BTS


J-Hope is so talented in different styles, he works so hard and he proves various times that he is better than some others.

His dancing is awesome. His moves are really painful moves what he did in MAMA the hitting knee thing was so awesome and in one of BTS songs there is a move where he turns back and then puts him down completely he is AWESOME.

J-hope shines on stage because he not only dance a certain choreography, he performs. The moves look natural because he is more invested in his dance or, I can see that he feels it. Some perform with hardcore facial expression and look disconnected with the body, but Hoseok's energy radiates from his whole body and it is such a joy and an inspiration to watch him dance. As a dancer myself I observe the difference between some performers moving just for the sake of the choreography and some like J-Hope who are able to integrate the mind, body and soul into dance.

Jhope is the real deal. He might be that ball of sunshine screaming like a fool or dancing sugar free somewhere, but when he dances, boy get ready to be stunned and drop dread. He freestyles amazingly and perfectly dances choreography like it's all natural, and let's not forget his facial expressions when dancing. He can be smiling, looking like he's having fun in one performance (still dancing great), next he's giving you that professional (and may I say sexy) jaw dropping eye and lip movement.

I totally believe when it comes to free-style dance, j-hope is best in the entire "kpop" industry. Most of the other artist are really good too when it comes to choreographed dance, (after lot of practices), but j-hope has a natural talent for dance, and I think he is the best dancer in kpop.

Sadly kpop and most of the entertainment industry is currently fixated with the pseudo contemporary style which is really more modern dance than anything else and because of this dancers like Hoseok are greatly ignored/underappreciated and under valued. You will be hard pushed to find a dancer in the entertainment industry, not just kpop, who has better technique And control. He is incredibly versatile and his stage presence is second to none - he is one of those once in a generation dancers and one of my biggest hopes is that the industry will start to look beyond the very narrow current style of dancing and recognise dancers who are beyond that style like Hoseok and that bighit will start to promote his dancing better than have so far. That's not to say that they have done a bad job so far, but they haven't done as good a job as they could and should have And it's also not to say that either dancers who excel or have their basis in modern contemlary dance aren't good dancers or that ...more

J hope is just awesome! He can dance so many kinds of dances anytime anywhere. he's the rising dance monster of k Pop!

J hope's talent is often underappreciated and underestimated. If you don't agree that he's amazing, take a look at the boy meets evil bts trailer. He's also the "dance teacher" of bts, which is already filled with other talented dancers.

I'm voting for him because he is a really talented dancer and has proven in many occasions that he is amazing at dancing. He is really hardworking and amazing at what he does.

His musically never fails to amaze me. He flows so well but is also very precise when he needs to be. He can get a feeling from every song and is like the bomb at free styling. He can do a lot of stuff like popping but I want to see more bboying and ISO from him that would make my year. He can take a beat and just roll with it. He feels what he dances in his soul and you can tell how happy and focused he is when he dances.

He after all was in an underground dance crew and went to a dance school.

Dancing is in his blood.

He can throw comedy, appeal, or just sheer bossness when he takes the stage.

Take his performance at MAMA or his individual stuff.

He often gets looked over and its quite disappointing.

J-Hope is a monster at dancing! He's one of the best

J Hope is so full of passion, charisma, and HOPE when he dances, he literally brightens up the mood no matter what type of dance he's doing, he's extremely talented I think he deserves this spot

According to my opinion, I think J-Hope is much better than Kai and Taemin. His dance moves are really outstanding!

J-Hope dance skills can make crazy everyone! Just look how he is moving. I know when he was young he did not have money to may for dance practice, so he start learning dance in street! Yes, he was street dancer. You can watch he's dancing old day long.

He is an incredible dancer. I love his unique style and the way he dances and moves to the beat. He has great energy and can capture your attention easily. I was left amazed and shocked after watching his performances.

I'm voting for him because it's not how it looks, it's how much emotion and effort he puts, when he's dancing. It makes you feel like he's says something to you, but without word just movement

J-hope is the best! He can influence people by his dancing..

Bts j-hope for me is the best male dancer like I am an v.i.p so I am not being bias, its true and j-hope use to be a dance teacher so he most be good to even be a dance teacher and I remember v said that j-hope was already popular from his dancing so...he most be good and he use to be a street dancer I think, so he is good at expressing his feelings from dancing, I have seen him doing it, and as I remember Big bang Seungri said that j-hope use to dance at his studio before he closed it down and if you want to him he say that go to weekly idol to watch the full episode.

He's such a talented dancer, have you seen his freestyles?!?!

Brilliant, raw, gritty, and spontaneous, J-Hope is just a breath of fresh air in comparison to all these other calculated, showy, and tryhard main dancers. I love that J-Hope stayed true to his street dance roots. He can learn an intricate choreography in within 10 minutes and teach the other members as well.

Yeah J-hope really inspired meno now I can dance great!

His dancing is so good and super in sync with the music. It perfectly expresses his feelings and let's out the vibe of the song. J-Hope can dance!

J-hope you are so good in dancing and rapping I hope you will have good health..

I can't believe he's not in the top 10. He's very talented :/

He is totally the best dancer he is best in bts and a professional you should see his dancing and you should put him in first