Naruto Uzumaki

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Naruto Uzumaki is a fictional character in the anime and manga franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.


Naruto is the main character, but he gets too much credit and is too cocky. If I had a nickel for every time Naruto said he understood the persons pain and that he's the only one who can stop pain I'd be rich. He's always putting others lives at risk because he wants to prove he's the strongest. Lately it's become that he's always the center of attention. I admire his courage, will of fire, and funny disposition, but he could be more humble. They changed him from a boy to a protector too soon and the transition was a little sloppy. He can't save the world on his own, and shouldn't risk others lives for his own selfish desires. He's a great character, there's just no joy and excitement in his battles since he always wins. Yes we want him to win, but we want it to be difficult and not done in 2 seconds. It's too predictable.

It doesn't make sense that Naruto is number one on this but on the normal best Naruto characters pol (with girls included) he's number two with Itachi in first place but I like this better since I agree with the top ten more I think it's a given that Naruto is the best character in the series in fact it's such a given for me that I didn't even vote for him on the normal list because I KNOW that if everyone ACTUALLY picked their favorite character Naruto would definitely be number one by far! He definitely deserves it. He's brave, funny, strong, confident, and never gives up on anything important he's just such a lovable character. I think everyone that hates on him watched the anime dubbed where he says believe it every five minutes

The show is about Naruto Uzumaki so why shouldn't he be one of the top ten males in the show? He is one of the best chracters because of how he changes peoples hearts. Example: Nagato & Obito. I also think it is cool how he likes everyone. He doesn't seem to believe in hating anyone and how he doesn't give up hope on bringing Sasuke back. He gives others hope. I also like how, even though he is a Shinobi and that it is there job to be a tool to there village, he tries and changes it. He doesn't seem to care that he is supposed to be a tool. He wants to follow his own way of being a Shinobi. I also find it funny how he seems to defy all of the Shinobi rules and doesn't seem to get into trouble :D.

Naruto is a cool character. It doesn't matter how many times you tell yourself that you don't like him, you all really do. In at least one episode, one of his speeches has got to have made you smile or cry (for me) laugh out loud. I am an emotional person.

Naruto is my inspiration! He's got it tough and has dealt with so much crap. He's lived his childhood years hated by the people of Konoha, but he never gave up his dreams of being Hokage. You can see how much Naruto has grown throughout the series and the many lives he has changed. I cried so much learning about his life story and about his parents. I couldn't even imagine it myself if the fate of the whole world was in my hands. Because so many people believed in him, he was able to achieve his goals and he was able to save the world. I can't help but cry and be so proud of Naruto. He was the character that I was able to understand and I kind f saw myself in him too. To me, Naruto is one of the best characters I've ever seen.

His perseverance serpasses many, yet his pain cannot compete with others on the scale of traumatizing, he certainly has experience with it. Loneliness is different, it's a black whole that I'm sure everyone's felt or is afraid of. He was annoying and rude, but yet sad and wanting love. He worked hard for what he wanted and it payed off. He taught me to never give up and to love others while believing in myself. He changes everyone around him, because he's good at relating. If there's a bad guy he always tries to change their hearts. He can understand their pain even without feeling it, and it almost always works. He kills them with kindness, and somewhat makes them question why they are evil in the first place. He may come on a bit too strong and cocky for me at times, but I think overall he's funny, handsome, and smart...not dumb. Ilovesasuketoothough

I have to agree that Naruto is a very great character event though I am the biggest fan of Deidara. He may look dumb on the outside, but he is clever with his wits and agile in battle. He grows stronger because of his own effort, unlike Sasuke and Itachi, who has God-given talent and a sharingan (no offense to those two, but it's true) He's a great person and have truly fight his way to the strongest in the series

Naruto really is the best character in the series. He's described as being warm by Karin, who was recently his enemy. His ambitions are high and his never give up attitude will get him to his goal. Plus, he is the messiah of the story. It's like a Christian saying "i love *insert disciple name here* more than Jesus! " Just saying

The number one hyperactive knucklehead ninja of the hidden leaf village... The hero and heart of all people... Naruto Uzumaki... The dumbest but the best guy I've ever seen... Determined... Never give up.. Yes.. That's his ninja way... The child of prophesy... Someday he'll bring peace to the ninja world.. He's gonna become hokage... That's true.. Because well... This sounds kinda stupid... But even I believe in him... Naruto Uzumaki... Son of the Yellow Flash of Konahagakure... The Child Of Prophesy...

Even though Naruto is a complete idiot, he comes up with really interesting fight tactics that only Naruto Uzumaki can accomplish. He is truly amazing with all the new Jutsu he has learned. Don't forget he is the son of the 4th so he is just bound to become Hokage on of these days. But I'm certain that day will come

Naruto tries his best in everything and he finally succeeds in the end. He is an inspiration to everyone even though he is annoying sometimes. I really appreciate this series. Many people doesn't like this movie because it is too long or boring, but for me, it is worth all the time watching everyone grow up and find their place.

He was dead last, he was hated with no one too believe in him, few even liked him, he had to look after himself, yet he was always smiling working hard even if he didn't suceed the fans cheered for him this my friends is the legend of Naruto Uzumaki the next (hopefully) Hokage! - Mastermind109

I LOVE YOU Naruto-SAMA! (Fan girl scream) Naruto's my favorite character by far! He'll beat any other guy in my book when it comes to looks! He's also so sweet to Sakura and kind and Blah blah! I could go on forever but I won't. YAY Naruto-SAMA!

I like him. He shines like a warm and mild sunny day, and at the same time he understands the dark and painful side of humanity better than anyone.

I pick naruto because he strong and never gives up and he is a special kid and no matter what he never never gives up on sasuke and he have special kids and a special wife that's why I pick naruto

If only Naruto had red hair, his blood would've been pure Uzumaki and can heal very easily without Kurama. He is still annoying though, but he looks really handsome as a grown man in The Last.

He's always getting his way with lady Tsunade, yeah maybe he proved himself, but he wouldn't let anyone help him fight pain and he got help from loosing control of the nine tails.

Naruto is great and amazing. He's kind, caring, smart when he needs, lovable, trusting, strong, and will never turn his back on his friends. He's a paragon for what all guys should be.

Has matured throughout the series, is incredibly strong compared to others in his age group. Has all the connections and ability to become hokage. I could say so much about him well he is a persistent guy who had a though life but still found a way to enjoy life and to be happy. He was the unpleasant kid that no one wanted to be friends with but still managed to make friends and create unbreakable bonds he showed everyone that fate does not decides who you are or who you are going to became he raised above hatred and protected his friends and the village that used to look down at him at all cost. He showed what the word love means with actions. He made strong shinobis cry and some how always found the right words to say even some shinobis said that Narutos words were sharper than any blade and cut deeply than any weapon... I still got so much to say but for sure Naruto is the #1

I love Naruto because of his cheerful personality and dumbness

yeah! naruto is the strongest character
he is rokudaime

Sasuke Fans shall admit he will NEVER become hokage because that name is taken since the start of Part 1. Tsunade, Jiraiya, Iruka, Konohamaru, Chiyo, Villagers, Hinata and LOTS OF MORE gave the throne to Naruto, and a simple borrowed eye from an older brother can't change anything. The throne is Naruto's.

It's dumb but I like it and should look at who really loves him because you have someone who always believes what he is capable.

Previously he's dumb,
And now he's the greatest ninja that no one can beat

Naruto has the six paths of sage and he can combine the six paths with the nine tails to make him faster than his dad