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41 Danzo Danzo

Don't really like him... Since he made Itachi go through all that pain and suffering. to be honest when sasuke was in comabt with him I was just thinking about cute-Itachi the whole time cause he was fighting danzo to get back at him for Itachi anyways so you can't blame me for thinking about him during a serious battle like that and as for his arm... You creep who collects extra sharingan in your arm anyway? I mean whats up with that even if their super powerful that's just wrong and he had help getting it from an enemy no less... And he wanted to be hokage?... Shameful!

How did Danzo even make top 50?

Why is this ass on here
He loves going around ruining peoples lives

Danzo he could kill Sasuke if no intervention ass Obato

42 Ibiki Morino
43 Gozu

He's the older twin of the Demon Brothers and one of my personal favorites. I mean, I LOVE this guy. He's a talented ninja and gorgeous in my opinion. I love the ragged black cloak and dark brown hair. What's not to love?

44 Meizu

The younger twin of the Demon Brothers. I love him just as much as his brother. He's a talented ninja and gorgeous in my opinion. I love the camouflage clothing and his wild dark brown hair. I LOVE this guy. Honestly, what's not to love?

45 Utakata

I mean man he's so hot! And his hair x3

I'm sooo glad Utakata made it he's a total dreamie guy! And not to mention a jinchuuriki the tailed beast he had was the 6 tails so he was very powerful I just like him in general though

46 Sora
47 Inojin Yamanaka
48 Kakuzu

Maybe not the most appealing but always interesting

49 Killer B / Killer Bee

Yo! My Killa B! That's my ninja!.. But Naruto can't rap... No offense but gosh he really can't... But killa makes it work ( I'm aware I'm spelling killer bee's name how I spell it I'm just lazy to write it fully... )

He is very strong a whip from the eight tails can destroy your whole life also with he's sword he stole from kisame.

His beast is the second best beast ever. (After Naruto's nine tailed demon fox. )


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50 Ōnoki V 1 Comment
51 Mifune
52 Kabuto Yakushi Kabuto Yakushi

What in the name of… why the heck is Kabuto at the bottom of the list?!? He's the strongest Ninja alive! He's better than Madara! He's way too terribly powerful, it's intimidating. He has infinite Sage Mode, Orochimaru + Karin Uzumaki + his own regeneration powers, he's the closest thing to indestructible. Hit him with a chidori, he heals right up as if nothing happened. Taijutsu on him? He has Suigetsu Hozuki's water body technique it can't hurt him because he'll just turn into liquid and the cost of blade goes right through him as if nothing. Ninjutsu? Hozuki water technique + OroKarUto regenerative powers + Kimmimaro Kaguya's Shikotsumyaku + extreme speed and evasiveness = 0% damage done to Kabuto. Genjutsu? Easy. His snake cornea shuts off all vision, which makes him immune to ocular genjutsu, which only leaves sound genjutsu. I'm not sure if his body liquifying technique suppresses auditory genjutsu, but very few can perform such genjutsu and they're all dead except for Kabuto ...more

53 Tsunade Tsunade

Just voted because it would be hilarious if she was the #1 male character


54 Guy Sensei

Guy really does his best to help rock lee and it's really inspiring how much he cares about rock lee. He would sacrifice so much to help rock lee achieve his dreams and I just love him

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55 Zetsu Zetsu
56 Genma Shiranui

Although he is not the main character... But I stll love his character...

I think he looks hot and always remain in calm... Pw.. To bad his screen time is so little.. Do something kishimoto!

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57 Arashi
58 Yūkimaru
59 Mizuki Mizuki

He tricked Naruto to steal the sealing scroll that belonged to hashirama. so he got killed as a result after iruka umino found out. he is pretty cute and friends with iruka. he started to change after that

60 Itama Uchiha

Such character doesn't exist in Naruto universe. We had Itama SENJU not Uchiha.

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