Best Male Prince of Tennis Characters

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1 Fuji Syusuke

The prodigy. I couldn't agree more. He hardly ever loses without trying his hardest. His rivalry between Tezuka is complicated too. He is one of the few that can make Tezuka smile anyway. His tennis style is cool, with the triple counters. I like the fact that his eyes appear closed, but when he gets serious they open to reveal the coolest looking eyes ever.

He is great without trying, even better when trying. He equals all of the best players.

He's a nice guy, always playing to other people's advantages, but when he's serious, he's super cool!

Because fuji is exciting to watch, read manga and you will know, he has new playing style

2 Ryoma Echizen

"Mada mada dane."
"You still have lots more to work on."
"No one beats me in tennis."

I think he is the best player. He is younger and shorter, but he can compete with the adults and people way taller than him.

I can't believe why there has to be poll to decide who is the best! He is super cool!

Mada Mada Dane

3 Atobe Keigo

Atobe is too funny not to love.

Event though he is narcistic and arrogant... He still has a gentle side and he is a kind man..

The "king", or so he says. Atobe is the narcissistic captain of Hyotei Gakuen. His personality is the funniest, cutest, and most arrogant thing ever. Even since he was a kid his personality never changed. KAWAII! "Ore-sama no bigi ni yoi na" (be awed by the sight of my prowess) :P

Atobe-samaa~ Istaeki! He awes with perfection

4 Seiichi Yukimura

Yukimura is the best player of middle school in Japan because even without using the Yips he can see trough any shot and hit it back, he can easily defeat Tezuka or Atobe

He can rob people's senses

He is the perfect captain for Rikkaidai. He is always calm, powerful, and keeps his teammates like him too. He is SO cute! I like his style of tennis. It's very scary. Yukimura can take away the oppenent's sense slowly until they're no longer capable of hitting the ball. He is one of the "Big Three" which is the top three best tennis players in Rikkaidai.

5 Tezuka Kunimitsu

"The ever charismatic, no-nonsense player I've ever seen. He knows what he's capable of and can have a full grasp of any situation he's in. Tezuka-buchou's hardly perfect, though it may look like at first. He has his flaws and can sometimes be dense on non-tennis related matters. But he's cool and lovely. He's stoic and a man of few words. But when he smiles and talks...ugh..who doesn't fall? "

He became a pro in New Prince of tennis and used the pinnacle of perfection

Tezuka is the real hero of this manga.

6 Bunta Marui

He really love sweets, and chews gum like all the time. I don't know what makes he think that eating cakes before matches can help his stamina. He's laid back and childish, and playful. He also has many good moves, like tightrope walking, iron pole strike, and temporal difference hell. Also, not all people can do rising shot. He's also a great defender, cause in New Prince of Tennis there's wonder castle. He's my favorite character in all animes (for boys).

He loves gum, obviously. I don't know how long he's been chewing on the same piece, but the gum is just part of his personality. He is laid-back and childishly playful when in a tennis match. He's got some good moves like Tightrope Walking and the Iron Pole Strike.

His brotherly act towards Akaya and Shita, and recently to Choutarou
I love him

7 Shiraishi Kuranosuke

Shiraishi is the best

He defeated fuji, while playing with a golden gauntlet on his arm. And his tennis style makes him save energy wich makes his endurance long.

Shitenhōji's "Bible", Shiraishi. He has no unnecessary movement in his play and is already playing in singles 1. It is also interesting how he has a weight underneath those bandages wrapped around his arm. He's kind of funny at times too.

8 Kazuya Tokugawa

The never smiling, harsh, stoney kind of guy. His hair is cool, and he's one of the most amazing tennis player is the series. His overall look is perfect. I love the way he lets Ryoma challenge him. He can shut anyone up with a single glare though. He goes to the U-17 Japan training camp along with many other high schoolers and middle schoolers.

He reminds of Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji. I know that he's played by the same Seiyuu but this is just crazy

9 Eiji Kikumaru

Uh... come on you guys. Eiji is so cool with all his acrobatics! I can understand him not being number 1, but not even being on the list? This guy rocks!

I love him and bis tennis

Eiji's adorable and probably one of the best characters here

10 Masaharu Niou

One of the tricksters on Rikkaidai's team. He likes to play doubles with Marui and it's cute seeing them play together. Niou can copy anyone and he can create an illusion so it he looks like the person too. I always start laughing when he says "puri".

The Contenders

11 Ryoga Echizen
12 Gakuto Mukahi

I find him cute, childish, and arrogant at times. His style is acrobatics and take pride in his abilities. I think he's just as good as Kikumaru Eiji's from Seigaku.

13 Shinji Ibu

He talks to himself a lot which I fine laughable and funny. He hardly ever smiles and has a small rivalry with Ryoma. He is pretty much the genius of Fudomine. Like the rest of his teammates, he respects his captain, Tachibana Kippei, very much because the teams history runs very deep.

14 Echizen Nanjirou
15 Jin Akutsu

Akutsu has talent and he's a great natural and skilled player ( no for nothing he is a once in a decade talent), the only problem is he doesn't take tennis seriously and he decided to quite tennis. Only if he trains and practice he could easily face top players like Yukimura,Fuji,Tezuka

16 Sengoku Kiyosumi

He is Handsome and Sexy and cool, hot sweet.. He is strong player even has strong will to beacome more stronger.. He also one of few guys in this series is so humble and not arrogant towards his opponents.. He has charming personality... I AM SO IN LOVE WITH HIM... he is funny he is my second crush after fuji... Its make me sad that he is not popular as Atobe And others characters.

He is hot and Handsome and Sexy... He never surrender he is strong player..he has strong will to become more stronger. he is funny and he is one of few players in this series is so humble and not arrogant simply he has charming personalities I AM IN LOVE WITH HIM he is my second crush after fuji

With his innate abilitiy to see through ball spin and knowing where will the ball bounce he can easile be one of the best players in the country being at the same level of Atobe,Fuji,Sanada,Tezuka,Yukimura,etc

17 Takeshi Momoshiro
18 Fuji Yuuta
19 Wakashi Hiyoshi

He's a bit gloomy and constantly out for revolution. He's a lot like Enjolras (from Les Miserables) and I think it's adorable! He comes across as cold, but he just wants a friend!

He is...Cool...calm...Badass..

20 Tachibana Kippei
21 Yūshi Oshitari

I don't know why nobody put him in the list, he like Fuji is a prodigy and also he doesn't play with his full talent. But seeing all his movements ( F.D, S.S.A.S, Higuma Otoshi,etc
) he 's probably at the same level of Fuji

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