Chris Cornell

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Chris Cornell was an American rock musician and singer-songwriter, best known as the lead vocalist, primary songwriter and rhythm guitarist for Seattle rock band Soundgarden and as former lead vocalist and songwriter for the supergroup Audioslave. He died on May 17, 2017.


Chris Cornell should be number 1. Not only is his voice massively powerful over 4 octaves, he's also one of the most versatile musicians, being able to sing any genre of rock perfectly (look at his discography, ranging from heavy Soundgarden all the way to his relaxing acoustic solo stuff). To top it off, his songwriting is genius and he's kept his voice better intact than anybody I know who screamed his voice out when he was young. He's a god among vocalists, my favorite musician ever, and simply the BEST!

Its obvious that Chris Cornell is low down the list because Soundgarden is not that popular as some of the bands above. But hard-core rock fans know Soundgarden and the fact that Chris Cornell undoubtedly is among the greatest rock voices of all time. And for all those who ignored Soundgarden because of being less famous, please give them a try. They won't disappoint you, I promise. You can start with Black hole sun, spoon man, pretty noose and so on. Fell on black days is my personal favourite. Please give them a try.

Chris Cornell is in the top 5 vocals of all time. I would put him in the top 3 for sure behind (MAYBE) only Robert Plant and Freddie Mercury. His range is unbelievable but if you listen to his body of work, you really hear his voice which will captivate you and hold you through each song. I said maybe behind the other two only because for each of the three my favorite voice is the one I'm currently listening to. If you are not familiar with his work you are missing out on one of the greatest rock voices that will ever be.

"The man can sing anything. He can scream with the best and then immediately switch to this bluesy, R^^be soulfulness. In his prime he was right up there with Plant and Mercury if not better. Here are a few great examples of his range and diversity, "Beyond the wheel" -soundgarden, "say hello to heaven" -Temple of the dog, "slaves and bulldozers" -soundgarden, "when I'm down" -solo. Not to mention he's the best songwriter on this list.

No question, best ever. But the world is going to have its opinions. No one else's voice, lyrics or music could make me sob my guts out like this at their death (and redeem life's agonies prior). No one else bridged more realms. No one else listed here was such a poet on fire. No one but Cornell. In my heart and of my heart, always. #1 forever.

Seeing M. Shadows, Bennington, and Draiman ahead of Chris Cornell makes me realize how lost some people are today in terms of music. Chris is personally in my top 5. Fell on Black Days, Slaves and Bulldozers, Beyond the Wheel, Gun, By Crooked Steps... Not to mention his dozen or so amazing covers. Come on guys, lets be real for a minute..

He is the best singer and songwriter of my generation. He is the architect of the Seattle Sound -- Eddie Vedder, in particular, wouldn't have a career without him. He is the leader of three amazing bands, a solo artist and soundtrack artist. He deserves to be #1 on the list. Robert Plant and Freddie Mercury can be #2 and #3.

This man is a hero, soundgarden, temple of the dog, a sure beast of a musician of his era if not of all time. Along with eddie vedder the pair are a force to be reconed with, they should be in the job ten. Chris is both technically flawless and one of the best songwriters of his generation

His voice was as beautiful as he was. It was rock 'n' roll it was soul it was blues it could also be very haunting. Whenever I listen to Chris whether it was with audioslave, Soundgarden, Temple of the dog or by himself it always left me wanting more. No one could scream like Chris Cornell either. His voice was distinctive you knew who it was as soon as he started singing no matter what genre he was singing.

The best vocalist, for my listening, ever born. You people must listen to top 40 radio. Steve Perry ruined Journey, and I can sing better than Curt Cobain. You overlook Elton John and that puzzles me. Freddie Mercury, while maybe a top twenty certainly not number one. And you should listen to Johnny Lang.

The best voice, hands down, in rock n roll for last last 20 years. Versatile, soulful no one can sing or fill a song with emotion quite like Chris Cornell. Acoustic and soft or rocking with a harder edge with Soundgarden, everything he sings sounds like angels from heaven!

I don't know why the likes of Chester Bennington are rated above him but Cornell has one of the best vocal ranges in the world of rock music, comparable to those of Freddie Mercury. Not to mention he does a really good job of switching between vocal ranges and not sounding annoying.

Number 12, what a joke, his vocal range is unreal and the versatility of his voice is unmatched. 3 different bands and a solo career. Chris has a such an amazing tone. His lyrical ability is insane. Listen to Beyond the Wheel and then try Like a Stone. Sorry, but Chris should be at the top

Nobody's voice will hypnotize and excite you like Chris Cornell's. Nobody! With each lyric, each scream, each note, I feel it, deep within my soul. My heart is broken that he is no longer on Earth. But his music will remain here, for all to love, forever.

THE best rock singer in the game. Very few distinct voices out there anymore, Him and Steven tyler. Everyone else is either dead, voice gone, or never really had it outside of a studio.

Before anyone votes... Go listen to Chris singing anything you want; acoustic, studio or live, won't matter. He has a superb voice that very few could ever match up to.

Should probably be at the top, second at the least, any dedicated fan knows he can and could do things that no one else would be able too.

All time greatest vocalist ever. Hope he moves up in your list because no one comes close In my opinion.

This is not a legit list if it has Paul McCartney above Chris Cornell!

Should be number one no one else comes close except James Hetfield.

Chris Cornell is my favorite male rock voice of all time...his vocal range was so amazing. His passing is a huge loss to the world.

Chris's voice is quite unique and beautiful. And this vocal range! He is in my top-3 male vocalists ever.

2 Words The Best, and he proves it every time he sings anything live
He can hit the notes he can hit in the studio and many times it sounds even better live!

Better than kurt cobain in my opinion. Kurt certainly put in a lot of spirit and yelled his lungs out singing, but chris has the feels and yell of a god.

The best voice of my generation. The best songwriter of my generation. Chris Cornell is the king of music.