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Stephen Ray "Steve" Perry is an American singer, songwriter, and record producer. He is known as the lead singer of the rock band Journey during their most commercially successful periods from 1977 to 1987 and again from 1995 to 1998.


Steve Perry is the one person who is really responsible for Journey's fame, and his solo music is just as good, too. His range is incredible and the sound of his voice is truly spellbinding. I have never heard any other singer put so much emotion into a song as Steve Perry, and at the same time keeping each and every note perfect. He seems to feel the music in a way that is not understandable to many a singer. He has both the passion and the strength to be the best singer ever.

THE VOICE should be the BEST! Wonderful emotion and feeling flows in every song he sings! From the "When you Need Me Call Me" to the more recent solo work, Street Talk, etc. No one else can sing a love song or ballad that sends shivers to your soul!

Steve Perry is not only my favorite singer, but he is a part of my favorite band, Journey. I say he "is" a part of my favorite band because without him Journey is not my favorite band. The album Infinity captures some of his best vocal performances, back before he wore himself out with endless touring. I also really love his first solo album, Street Talk. His song writing abilities are almost as good as his unnaturally perfect voice. Hearing what he had to offer on this album makes it clear that 1984 was the perfect year for him to make his own album. Hits such as Oh Sherrie, Captured By The Moment and Foolish Heart are great examples. My personal favorite songs sung by him are, Patiently on the album Infinity (1978) and Mother Father on Escape (1981).

I agree with the number 1 and 2 to an extent (Mercury and Plant). But Steve was a supreme talent too. Certainly deserves to be higher than 10 and definitely better than several on the list in front of him. As a musician, one of the things that always strikes me is when few people can copy someone and Steve Perry is very difficult to copy successfully. His successors have tried but really do not have the strength and stamina to stay with it the way Steve did for a whole concert. You can always hear the weaknesses as they tried to match him.

The Voice is so sweet and pure it's recognizable anywhere. This guy had a powerful range that transcends Rock n' Roll. I loved Freddie Mercury and Terrence Trent D'Arby can evoke strong emotions too, but nobody can touch Steve Perry. I'm stunned he isn't top of this list. I'm not sure how screaming got to be a measure of success but somehow it keeps cropping up on this list. Steve wasn't a screamer, he was a singer. Best I ever heard.

The first time I heard Steve Perry sing, the song was "Lights. " I really liked the song, but even more, the VOICE, and as time went on and albums were made, That VOICE WAS THE SOUND OF JOURNEY. The song writing was incredible, the VOICE had the emotions, the rage was incredible, the dynamic power behind his performances are unequaled by anyone. I wish he would come back just One More Time.

The zero MUST be removed from this number! NO WAY should Steve Perry be at the bottom of this list at 10. He blows everyone of these other singers out of the water with his talent. His range, his power and the emotion he puts into each and every song, not just on every album, but every concert (which, by the way, he made sound better than the albums) should put him at number 1, period. Steve Perry is The Vocal King!

Steve Perry's voice is the most beautiful voice I have ever heard, and on top of that his range is absolutely insane, especially on Journey's older albums. The songs, Wheel In The Sky, Something To Hide, Winds Of March and Sweet And Simple all showcase his talent wonderfully. There are not many singers who are capable of delivering songs such as these. Also, the song Mother Father is ridiculous, especially at the end.

Steve Perrys voice is dynamic. It is the perfect style and range for the harder guitar of Neil Schon and the melodic compositions of Jonathan Cain on keys. In the 70s I thought of his voice as perfect. 30 years later, it stands as one of the greatest voices of all time. As a singer myself, I can really appreciate his technical abilities that combine with raw emotion. Adding Steve Perry to Journey was a risk at the time because Journey had more of a harder, bluesy sound but when the song Wheel In The Sky came out it was magic. I also can appreciate the new singer in Journey. He does a nice impersonation of Steve, but that's all it is, an impersonation. To me, Journey is Steve Perry, Neil Schon and Jonathan Cain.

For me Perry's voice will always merit being right up there with Mercury's. They were equals as far as I am concerned in beauty of voice quality, clarity, skill and range. Had Perry better skill in song writing, he would have soared even more than he did. Mercury remains king for me, but I would have easily placed Perry for voice alone (NOT band accomplishments) behind him.

Steve Perry has a VOICE that will never be matched, It is a shame that he is not still singing. With the controlled power and range he has in his voice clearly makes him not only the best rock singer but one of the best vocalists period.

Whoever says this guy isn't the best doesn't know the music at all. He's the ultimate epitome of all the best elements ever put together in one vocalist with the essence of rock, blues, r&b, and soul. Yes, he's indeed better than the rest!

Steve Perry is the best rock altino tenor of all times, his passionate sentimental and romantic sound will light up your heart. He voice is a once in a life time talent that does not come around too often. He has not recorded for a while, but the thought of his music still lights up peoples faces when they hear his songs.

Unbelievable versatility and unlike many with large vocal ranges, the power and fullness never fades in the tough notes. Also unlike most "premiere" vocalists, demonstrated a larger range live than in the studio. Not sure if anyone really knows his actual range -- you just hear the precise note he thought was required for the song.

A truly untouchable singer with an amazing voice that you will never forget. This man should at least be number three, his songs have stood the test of time for generations. If you have never heard Steve sing you simply must, he puts the power in power ballad!

What can be said about this great singer, other than his voice is beautiful and his vocal register will never be matched. Steve Perry is the man that can be imitated, but to this day will never be replaced in style, range and emotion. Thank God for that VOICE.

I'm truly glad that Steve doesn't follow this kind of crap. This man has more talent in his pinky than most of these other artists do in their entire body! Please Axl Rose? What a joke! Steve, where it truly matters, with your fans, you are and will always be be #1!

Without a doubt one of the best of all time. His range and ability to hold notes were just merely incredible (just listen to "keep on runnin"). How guys like curt cobain & axel rose are even on the same list let alone ranked above steve perry is ridiculous.

What can be said other than his is the best counter tenor is rock history. His vocal range, smooth singing and showmanship is awesome. One one can fill his shoes, specially at Steve Perry Prime to this day, singers can come and go and not ever get close to his singing ability.

I think his voice is wonderful. He puts so much feeling in his vocals. His love songs just soar. His voice comes on the radio and you know who it is. Just wish he would put out some new music... Hint, hint.

Steve perry has far more vocal ability than anyone on this list. He is by far the best vocalist on this list period. It really is an insult that he is 23rd here. Really absurb. The list is a joke. Michael jackson ahead of perry? Are you kidding? This list is ot NOT based on actual talent or ability for sure, it is more of a popularity contest. Really a shame. What about ELVIS by the way, who would be number 2 behind perry.

In a nutshell Steve Perry is "The Voice" He deserves to beat out these other singers!

OH MY GOD how can he not be number 1? Cobain was a screamer at his best. Axl? Really? You obviously don't know Journey's music if you voted for the other guys. Based on voice and nothing else, he should be #1. Mercury #2. Plant #3.

The dude was capable of vocal gymnastics even into his late 30's, early 40"s! Seriously.. Is there any doubt that he is #1?

Steve perry is great to be honest. I would put him around six to eight. His top hits are great (from journey) don't stop believing and anyway you want it. Also the top hit on YouTube faithfully has the most views from the band